The WEF is a media/indoctrination/propaganda arm of the Unipolar Rules-based World Order manifested in US hegemony over the world.

Globalist corporations, mega financial institutions like BlackRock, Western central banking cartel, and Western military industrial complexes are the centers of Unipolar power. Establish politicians and media are puppets, and every other country than the USA are vassal countries in this Order.

At WEF 2024, the political bias to the Unipolar Order is overwhelmingly obvious. Speakers such as puppet Zelensky, neoliberal globalist Jake Sullivan, and NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg are some of them at this event. Of course, there is no alternative narrative presented to for example the Ukraine Proxy War.

Jens Stoltenberg’s statements were particularly troubling. Stoltenberg justified NATO as an aggressive global military arm of the Unipolar Order, arguing that “security is global. What happens in Asia matters to the EU.” He criticized China’s behavior in the South China Sea and its inventions in advanced nuclear weapons. And then said “China violates core NATO principles of democracy, rule of law, journalism, and freedom speech.” “China is coming closer to us in Africa and the Arctic, and controlling critical infrastructure. 5G is more than a commercial issue; it is about our security.”

Stoltenberg’s statements:…/securing-an-insecure-world/

Here is a counter to Stoltenberg’s talking points:

China is being provoked by the US neocons/neoliberals in regard to the one China principle, and the neocons/neoliberals are trying to contain China through alliances with Australia, Japan, South Korea, UK, and the Philippines.

China like US and Russia as a nuclear power has every right to develop advanced nuclear weapons. The double standard by Stoltenberg is narrow-minded, asinine.

Unfortunately in the West, democracy is a facade due to multi-controlled political choices, and the rule of law is biased and arbitrary, take the blatant biases in Western election law, the illegal invasion of Libya or the recent illegal attacks on Yemen, or the ethnic cleansing in Gaza ignored and even justified by Western establishment governments.

Mainstream Western journalism has become bought and paid for, and independent journalists face censorship. In Gaza over 120 journalists have been killed, and in Ukraine journalists face assassination like Darya Dugin who was murdered in Russia by the Ukrainian Secret Service or recently the state murder of Gonzalo Lira in Ukrainian prison. The Biden Administration did nothing to prevent Lira’s demise despite him being an American citizen.

Freedom speech in the West is constantly under attack through online censorship and shadow bans, and the establishment push of controlled narratives such as on Wikipedia and mainstream news. During the lockdowns, freedom of speech in the West was heavily censored.

So what really are the cores values of NATO?

In terms of Africa, China has every right to be there as any other country.

Stoltenberg likely confused China for Russia, when it comes to the Arctic. Russia has legal claims to large parts of the Arctic, and thereby has a vested interest in the region.

So in reality, the Unipolar Rules-based Order is threatened by the success and expansion of China globally. China is a threat to US hegemony and control of the world, and therefore according to globalists like Stoltenberg it must be kept down (and regardless of free trade and markets and sovereignty).

When it comes to the Ukraine Proxy War started by US neocons/neoliberals in 2014 through the Kiev coup d’etat, Stoltenberg made it clear that US neocons/neoliberals and by extension NATO and Western vassal states are using Ukraine in an attempt to weaken Russia through war casualties, economic sanctions, and information warfare.

More and more Western arms to Ukraine will only result in more Ukrainian and Russian casualties and prolong the conflict. The longer the conflict the more lives and land Ukraine will lose.

Stoltenberg and his handlers have zero regard for the Ukrainian people.

“We have to increase the price for Putin” in order to force him to the negotiating table for a fair, just peace. Ironically, in April of 2022 a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine was sabotaged by Boris Johnson acting as a puppet of the US and NATO. Johnson persuaded/forced Zelensky to withdraw from the peace agreement with Russia.

The recent security guarantees for Ukraine by unipolar vassal states UK, France, and Canada, again will only prolong the Ukraine Proxy War by giving false confidence and hope to the Zelensky Regime.

The Ukrainian people are the biggest losers, and stand to be even bigger losers the longer the conflict goes on.

Overall, Stoltenberg revealed that geopolitics in the international arena for US neocons/neoliberals, NATO, and the unipolar vassal countries is zero sum and dog eat dog with no scruples or moral compass. This reality does not bode well for humanity, especially as US hegemony is challenged and eventually replaced by a multipolar world as represented by BRICS+.

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