Independent US/Chilean Journalist Gonzalo Lira, died on January 4, 2024 in Ukrainian prison (as confirmed by the US State Department without any details). There are claims by Lira’s father and others that he was tortured and killed by Ukrainian officials, and Lira mentions the torture he has endured while in Ukrainian captivity.

He was trying to flee Ukraine via the Hungary border, while being followed closely by Ukrainian Secret Service, which is implicated in numerous assassinations.

Here is Lira’s last video near the Hungarian border, in which he explains his dire situation:

Lira was abducted at the Ukrainian Hungarian border and sent back to Ukrainian prison.

Lira’s crime was his restrained criticism of the Zelensky and Biden Administrations.

The US Embassy did nothing to protect Lira’s basic rights and safeguard his life. The US government was likely involved in Lira’s death via the US Embassy and Victoria Nuland and/or looked the other way. This hypocrisy and double standards define the Unipolar Rules Based World Order.

In terms of so-called democracy, the Biden Administration is suppose to serve the American people impartially.

It should be noted that around 120 journalists have been killed in Gaza, which the Biden Administration supports through its unwavering support including supply arms for the Israeli Gaza annihilation.

A case can be made that Western establishment governments have become completely detached from Western people, and we see this clearly in the behind the scenes technocratic agenda that will ultimately enslave most people and at most result in significant depopulation.

Other Developments:

The US UK bombing of Yemen have been conducted in clear violation of international and humanitarian law: bombing an already severely impoverished people who only seek a ceasefire to the cleansing of Gaza. Disruption of maritime commercial transportation has no basis in one country attacking another.

The US debt through reckless deficit spending surpasses $34 trillion debt level. With the presidential election later this year, it is likely more and more debt will be added, making the US financial situation worse. A potential recession and market crash in 2025 cannot be ruled out, which through lower interest rates and quantitative easing will reignite inflation.

The growing threat of stealing the Russian Federation’s foreign assets in the West, $300 billion if it occurs will undermine the global financial system and US reserved currency by causing increased divestment in the West by the global south and further de-dollarization.

The Ukraine Proxy War continues as Russia steps of its offensive through bombing campaigns and pressure along the entire frontline, and as Western funding dries up. The puppet Zelensky Regime faces a precarious future as Russia ultimately seeks regime change and denazification and demilitarization.

The issues of immigration and democracy will eventually be non-issues as the technocracy takes over. Immigration and migration will nearly cease when there are no jobs, and the puppetry of establishment governments and the façade of elections will be replaced by technocratic governance with emphasis on AI algorithms, digitalization, super computers, and big data.

What can you do? Prepare for the worse. Reduce eliminate debt. Reduce exposure to Western fiat currencies by investing in real hard assets….

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