Emerging Zone: Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Unlike the emerging confinement zones in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which focuses zoning bylaws to mix commercial and residential and densify, in Cleveland the focus is on the transportation system and digitalization (and the phasing out of car ownership and cash as a means of exchange).

However, the overall goal is the same: people’s needs and wants met within 15 minute walk, bicycle ride, transit trip.

Here is a summary of the key points on the Cleveland zones:

Multimodal corridors and transit choice.

“Putting people over cars” and “getting around the city without a car.” Is this foreshadowing the end of individual car ownership?

Low carbon transportation network. (Climate Change Agenda)

Charge for off street parking / phase out off street parking. (Make costs of car ownership prohibitive.)

Allow businesses, property owners to choose how much off street parking while charge.

It is important to note that there is minimal mention of all the artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, biometric surveillance, sensors, cellular networks including 5G millimeter wave beamforming technology… that will be part of these zones.

Other related plans in Cleveland:

Multimodal safety enhancements for pedestrians and more efficient transit operation.

Smart grants for traffic signals including WIFI connected video surveillance and AI detection of bicycles and pedestrians.

Scooter and e-bike rental availability.

“Modern” land use policies and regulations for 15 Minute Confinement Zones.

Digital inclusion so as many people are connected into the digital grid, digital world.

Digital parking solution that phases out coin/money based machines and replaces with digital machines through apps, mobile web browser, and AI voice response systems.


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