On January 28, 2024, a militia group with apparent ties to Iran launched a drone attack on a US base along the Syrian Jordanian border, killing three American soldiers and injuring 34 soldiers. (It is possible that the attack was a false flag incident by Israel/US in order to justify a US military attack on Iran. The base struck resides in Syria, which the US government is occupying without the consent of the Syrian government, and therefore may be deemed an illegal occupying force.)

This military base one of many in the Middle East that have over 20,000 US troops, whose main purposes are to act as deterrence against attacks on Israel and secure US interests in Middle Eastern oil, and under the cover of fighting ISIS.

Iran has publicly denied any involvement in the drone attack, and there is no evidence directly implicating Iran. Although there claims that the drone used in the attack is of Iranian origin.

US Senators, the Graham’s and Rubio’s of the neocon world, have called on Biden Administration to attack Iran. Ironically, the US government and its vassal partners have been arming and funding Ukraine since at least 2014 and in its proxy war against the Russian Federation.

Biden, who is surrounded by neocons/neoliberals such as Blinken, Nuland, Sullivan, Austin, is facing reelection in November of 2024.

The US state department says the US military will respond in its own time and in a manner of its choosing to the drone attack. Biden claims that he is not interested in a wider war in the Middle East. Upcoming actions will not lie.

More, US political assassinations like General Qasem Soleimani may be the response or a direct attack on Iranian infrastructure, thus escalating the violence in the Middle East.

Biden is desperate (due to failed policies like the economy and Ukraine, and the majority of Americans disprove of Biden), and does not want to look weak.

A US war with Iran would change Biden’s election narrative and may allow him to postpone the presidential election.

Iran has close strategic ties with Russia and China, and is now a member of BRICS +. Russia and Iran are in the process of signing a military alliance.

The danger lies with the desperation of the Biden Administration in an election year. And the US troops stationed in the Middle East are vulnerable to more attacks especially from Iran if it is attacked, and Iran could block the Gulf of Oman.


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