Background: Canada is a vassal state in the Unipolar Rules-based World Order. The federal political system legislates (makes laws and allocates federal public monies), and the system is designed for multi-controlled electoral outcomes. The role of establishment politicians is to create the illusion of democracy, while implement through legislation the agenda of Unipolar globalists (globalist corporations and financial institutions, Western central banking cartel, military industrial complexes, US neocons/neoliberals…) Many everyday Canadians are divided and herded into the agenda under guise of left right, conservative liberal…

More Reality: During the lockdown and when the Canadian Parliament was suspended, legislation for a universal basic income was initiated on November 22, 2021.

The legislation is termed, National Framework for a Guaranteed Livable Basic Income. It has passed first and second readings, and is currently in the Standing Senate Committee on National Finance. (The Canadian Senate is comprised of patronage appointments from establishment parties.)

According to the National Framework, all persons (over 17 years old) would have guaranteed access to a livable income, including temporary workers, permanent residents, and refugee claimants. No amount of the livable income is mentioned.

The guaranteed income is pushed on the surface for “eradicating poverty and improving equality, health conditions, and educational outcomes”. Beneath the surface, the income is for “facilitating the transition to an economy that responds to the climate crisis and other current major challenges”. In other words, the guaranteed income is for the transition to the digitalized technocratic economy, and major displacement of those employed by artificial intelligence robotics, drones, digitalization…

The globalist establishment is trying to prevent mass unrest from significant job displacement, thereby protect, preserve their hold on power.

Up to 40% and likely more of current jobs will be impacted by artificial intelligence and/or made obsolete. There are projections of over 300 millions jobs lost worldwide. A recent IMF study warns that developed economies will face significant job loss in the skilled sectors.

It should be noted that “no participation in education or labour market” is required to receive the guaranteed income, and as mentioned the income would apply to all people residing in Canada. Obviously, there would be a huge incentive for people from poverty stricken countries to immigrate and migrate to Canada, just to get the income handout. Yet, with the emerging technologies and major job displacement, there will be no or minimal jobs for these people, not to mention the current population. Will establishment governments’ maintain their open borders policies? If so, to what end? Or will immigration and migration come to a standstill, except for extreme cases for refugees?

Overall, the guaranteed income will shift Canada further into a socialist/communist technocratic state.

What conditions will be tied to this income handout, and how will the conditions change overtime?

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