Is the Zelensky Regime naïve or corrupt completely to the core?

What is the Zelensky Regime receiving in return for allowing what’s left of Ukraine to be transformed into a transhumanist technocracy? 

Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things,  autonomous vehicles, complete digitalization including digital ID, passports, driver’s licenses, currency, and twinning, smart wireless cities, mass sensors and surveillance…  will turn Ukraine into a totalitarian technocracy. The limited freedom and privacy that currently exists in Ukraine will be extinguished.

Expect Universal Basic Income to be in play at some point to offset significant reduction in jobs from artificial intelligence.

Western Unipolar globalists salivate at having a state pilot case of their technocratic agenda.

90,000 NATO forces are set to begin war games near the western Ukrainian border, and which will last three months. Will these forces enter Western Ukraine when Ukraine collapses due to intensifying Russian onslaught? Surely, BlackRock and other Western establishment institutions and corporations in Ukraine need to be protected including the Ukrainian technocratic pilot case?

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