As more and more Westerners understand, so do Russians understand the existential threat of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is being pushed on humanity through the Unipolar Rules-based World Order.

The Ukrainian Proxy War has been fundamentally about Russia standing up to this Order by defending its national security and sovereignty. Russia’s pre-emptive attack on the Ukrainian proxy protects Russian enclaves in the Ukraine from further besiege, and seeks resolution to the Donbass.

The quote is by Russian philosopher Alexandr Dugin. His daughter Darya was tragically killed last Saturday in a car bomb attack carried out by a Ukrainian Azov neo-nazi.

This attack represents the tyranny of the Order.

As we have stated the Western notions of freedom, democracy, sovereignty are mere indoctrination. A deep state establishment dictates.

Understanding this will help one understand why people are collateral damage when it comes to the so-called Great Reset, whether through lockdowns, digitalization, implants, EMF radiation exposure, or attacks on the individual and family unit.

Division is the basis for control: Left Right, so-called Liberal Conservative, vaxed non-vaxed, anti-Russian pro-Russian…

At NCA we realize that many Canadians are uninformed and misinformed about the realities as indicated by their obedience to the multi-controlled political establishment, which is harming them and putting their future in peril.

Therefore, all we can do at NCA is continue to raise awareness, until a critical mass is ready to reclaim the country and whatever may be left of it.

If you want to help us, please share, become a member, international member, make a tax deductible donation… obviously, with the sinister Great Reset agenda in the works, the situation is serious.

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