Fourth Industrial Revolution via the World Economic Forum is a broader view of the Great Reset.

The same components are at play: global governance, central bank digital currency, universal basic income, AI drones and robotics, autonomous self-driving vehicles, nanotechnology, etc.,

In the image above we highlight the key areas of concern.

The image mentions neuroscience to what end? Biodigital convergence? Transhumanism?

The image implies significant challenges from employment displacement. There are studies projecting we could lose 40% of our jobs. What if it is more? Who benefits?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is really a transhumanist globalist agenda to transform the world into an AI Technocracy. Every aspect of your life will be controlled. The latest developments in neuroscience suggest that the control will include your thoughts and thereby your actions. Could there not be a greater existential threat to humanity?

5G due to higher frequencies and consequently faster upload, download, processing speeds is the technological basis for this Technocracy.

NCA is obviously very concerned about the impact on humanity in terms of financial control, surveillance, violation of the human body through nanotechnology, thought control via biodigital convergence, massive job displacement, dependency on government for means of survival via universal basic income, contamination of living space through heightened extreme EMF radiation exposure, directed energy weapons (DEW)…

What can you do?

Continue to get informed, share accurate, relevant information with others, monitor and report on the changes locally, and it would not hurt to support the efforts of NCA as we are the only political entity that is really addressing these issues.

How does the war in Urkraine relate to the Great Reset? Is Russia standing up to the globalists or is the war a temporary distraction from the lockdowns and mandate/passport protests? Are these protests a psyop to distract from other issues?

According to the World Economic Forum, Russia is one of the countries leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Is this a misdirection by WEF or is it reality? We know China and many western countries are leading the way such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands…

Great Reset is all too real.

The image from the World Economic Forum shows the main tenets of this Reset including central bank digital currency, global governance, AI via biotech, drones, robotics, and 5G, universal basic income…We highlight in the image the main areas we are concerned about.

UN Agenda 21 and 2030 are the global and national frameworks.

The World Economic Forum receives funding and support from the UN, World Bank, IMF, big tech, major finance funds including Black Rock, establishment governments and their politicians that implement the agenda on municipal, provincial, and national levels…It is important to distinguish words and talk from substance as some establishment politicians as globalist insiders pretend to be otherwise as part of a psyop of control.

NCA is 100% opposed to this potential global tyranny, which threatens humanity through control, indoctrination, and enslavement.

Means to an End

The image attached from the World Economic Form confirms what some people thought: that the lockdowns were an opportunity to condition people to new norms that will be part of the looming technocracy. In the image we highlight the key areas of concern.

Digital ID: we saw this in the form of digital passports and mandates (which created a digital registry of vaxed and non-vaxed).

Biotechnology: nanotechnology in the dabs

Digital currency: the spread of cryptocurrencies as a way to condition people for the eventual central bank digital currencies

Global governance: coordination worldwide on narrative, lockdowns, mandates, passports

Did globalist forces take advantage of the last two years or did they manufacture the last two years?

Is the Russian Ukraine war a convenient pivot away (distraction) from the restrictions and the mounting worldwide inflation?

What is coming?

Well this attached image from the World Economic Forum should give you a clear picture. We highlight areas of concern.

Some key items:

Human Enhancement: aka transhumanism via AI Biotechnology: nanotechnology in the human body that connects to EMF radiation signals from cellular towers Space: cellular satellites,

AI operated autonomous spacecraft

Virtual and Augmented Reality: Metaverse Digital Economy and Society: Digital ID and currency

Information Technology: surge in data collection on people and their activities, tendencies, thoughts…

Global Governance: UN Agenda 21 and 2030, Fourth Industrial Revolution, globalist rules based order

Sensors: nanotechnology in the human body, facial recognition, AI cameras…

Neuroscience: brain implants that create AI consciousness that is connected to the metaverse aka biodigital convergence

Behavioral Science: control of people Future of Health and Healthcare: remote AI health intervention, nanotechnology as sensors and delivery systems

Workforce and Employment: displacement of 40% or more of jobs through the AI drones, robots, machines… hence, the need for universal basic income (Robots at work, smart sensors, autonomous robots, autonomous vehicles)

Education and Skills: technology skills, programming of younger generations

It should be noted that the digitalized existence is driven technologically by 5G (enhanced processing time), which will increase the already extreme EMF radiation levels from 4G by 10-100 times. All life forms are severely impacted by high and low frequency EMF radiation. NCA supports technological advancement, but not at the expense of the well-being of people and humanity as a whole. The digitalized existence as described above is terrifying in terms of what it means to be human, and basic fundamental rights, not to mention quality of life. The digitalized existence will result in the most severe form of totalitarianism.

Metavese is the virtual augmented reality that is part of the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution.

It is important to know that the globalist establishment’s goal is to digitalize almost everything: ID, currency, working, shopping, socializing, news, sport, entertainment, human body and mind through nanotechnology, environment via 5G infrastructure.

In the image above, we highlight the areas of concern.

Global governance through digitalized control in the form of digital ID, currency, communication.

Pandemic preparedness digitalized through health passes and ID.

Origins of the Metaverse are digital communication and economy.

Behavioural science and data collection as means to control people.

Mental health as a product of the unnatural environment.

Digitalized existence equates to total control. With biodigital convergence, control over people’s thoughts through AI consciousness.

NCA is obviously very concerned at the trajectory of this digitized existence, which is leading to the ultimate form of totalitarianism.

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