Brain Computer Interface (BCI): technology that sends and receives between the human brain and an external devise.

There is passive and invasive BCI. Invasive includes deep brain stimulation (implanted electrodes aka neurostimulator), implanted microelectrodes, endovascular electrodes (small stent-mounted electrode array permanently implanted into a blood vessel in the brain), optogenetic (influencing the signals between neurons by using external light stimulus).

With most technology, there is the potential for good through for example advances in medicine, and the potential for bad through for example external control over human thought and action.

The metaverse, virtual, augmented reality is based upon brain computer interface, and the potential implanted technology in the brain such as Neuralink.

The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution is focused on digitalization of humanity through digital ID and currency, and the digitalization of human experience. In the images attached, we share some the current technologies available and provide further explanation.

Biodigital convergence is the union of the digital, physical, and biological realms using brain computer interface.

Some BCI products available…

Nanotechnology provides a means to create the connection between human body and mind and external world through for example neuronanotechnology. With the technology, virtual, augmented sensory reality may be indistinguishable from real life sensory.

5G using around 20 times faster processing time than 4G, provides the technological platform that will allow for automation.

Is disconnecting further humanity from real life reality and the environment a positive development? Is monitoring and controlling human thought a positive development?

Is altering human life and other life genetically and artificially through implants and other invasive technologies in the best interests of humanity?

Is transhumanism and translife, rather than embracing humanism and life, in the best interests of humanity?

Please share your thoughts.

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