Planning stage for 15 minute cities, communities, districts, zones

In this example, the City of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada has made public its overall plan for creating 15 minute communities in the greater Edmonton area. (It should be noted that cities throughout Canada and the West (at the municipal level of government) are engaged in this globalist agenda through ECLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) and partnership with other levels of government including federal governments such as Government of Canada via Instructure Canada:

The intent of the plan is to have people live within a 15 minute walk, roll, or transit from their home.

The government deals with laws or bylaws depending on the level of government, and in this context the City of Edmonton will be creating the bylaws for the 15 communities.

The thrust of the bylaws is focused on neighborhood mixed use zones and neighborhood commercial zones. The goal is greater diversity of non-residential uses in small scale residential.

The mixed use zones will be highly densified both horizontally and vertically, with EV transit routes and walking paths. People will be encouraged to purchase online, while basic necessities such as food will be available in the zone…

Basically, the unipolar globalist’s agenda is to herd people in densified zones, which people are restricted to.

What the City of Edmonton fails to mention is the technological components of these 15 minute confinement zones:

Telecommunication corporations will deploy 5G beamforming millimeter wave technology, and numerous small cell sites in conjunction with existing cell towers. The purpose is to power the artificial intelligence and its manifestations.

Technology corporations will provide via City approval the latest in artificial intelligence, robotics, drones, automated self-driving vehicles, and deploy ubiquitous sensors including biometric surveillance cameras to collect data for AI algorithms and super computers.

The data will allow constant control over the zones and create the basis for digital twinning of the zones and people in them.

Mass real-time surveillance both in the physical and virtual online realm will be the norm. With the deployment of wireless implants, people will also face monitoring within their bodies and brains (consciousness): biodigital convergence.

People will no longer own vehicles due to prohibitive costs and restrictions, and they will be restricted in what food they eat with emphasis on lab meat, plant and insect based, and GMO fruit and vegetables.

Any sense of privacy and freedom will be severely restricted and controlled within set parameters.

People will be constantly indoctrinated with the climate change fearmongering narrative, thus justifying more and more restrictions to their lives.

As people are displaced in employment by artificial intelligence, robotics, drones etc., the Government will role out a form of universal basic income, thus creating a slavish, dependent class of people, who are confined to the 15 minute zones…

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