Emerging Reality that most people are oblivious to (mainstream media, establishment politicians dividing, deceiving, and distracting from real issues):

Billions of connected devices will implode exponentially into trillions of connected devices mainly in the form of data collecting sensors (the size of a grain of rice and even smaller) in the environment and embedded/implanted in the bodies of life-forms including clothes people wear (smart clothing to track posture…, in people bodies and brains… to track bodily functions and thoughts).

These devices and their data collection and transmission form the technology basis for digital twining: virtual digital clone of everything in the physical world. Digital twins will allow for complete technocratic control. Privacy already under threat will disappear for those in the technocracy, and with it any sense of freedom, liberty. Basically, the technocratic transformation is putting all life in a digital prison.

As the Western financial system implodes from mounting extreme public and private debt, will a financial crash create the opportunity to further unleash this technocratic agenda? What will happen to all the people who will be made obsolete by artificial intelligence, robotics, and drones?

How can a democracy really be a democracy when most voters are kept in the dark about the real issues?


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