More on digital real-time replication of the physical world including human beings, environment, processes, systems including financial, networks etc.,

Digital merge of the physical world with the virtual world.

Key components:

Network system with very high frequency and power output to handle the constant data retrieval and upload from numerous sources potentially in the billions.

Sensors in the physical world including around human beings and on and in them, again in the billions and eventually trillions, and the size of a grain of rice and even not visible to the human eye as a nano-sensor.

AI Algorithms to process the real-time data and make calculations of the present and future. In this scenario, people may likely be targeted preemptively.

Real-time interaction with the digital twins to aid and make decisions in the moment. Police for example will rely on digital twins when dealing the public.

This technocratic emerging reality is well underway as shown by the constant network deployments and updates towards 5G beamforming and 6G, and use of AI algorithms. The sensors in mass deployment will be the next major step.

Obviously, this technocratic control over the physical world will have significant implications for freedom and privacy.

The images are from a 2022 Ericsson Report on Digital Twinning.

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