Digital Identity provides a means to identify human beings in the digital virtual realm.

Interestingly, the World Economic Forum is vague in the web of digital identity, and makes no specific mention of digital currency or digital twin. (We added digital currency and twin to provide better understanding of digital identity.)

Digital twin of everything in the physical world in real-time even digital twin of smart cities and human beings within them create the totalitarian means for technocratic control.

Digital identity and digital currency coupled with ubiquitous sensors in the billions create the basis for digital twin in real-time. AI Algorithms allow for calculation of the future based on the digital twins and the constant influx of data.

The image above provides an example of the pervasiveness of sensors.

Basic structure of the smart city without showing the ubiquitous sensors and complete digitalization including digit twinning over everything in the smart city including the city itself.

Once in the so-called smart network web, people will be powerless against the technocratic totalitarian control. Everything will be monitored and analyzed in real-time.

Currently, there are no means to stop this agenda as establishment politicians and mainstream media lie and deceive the public of which many people are helpless to the distractions, deception, and division. The true power holders, global financial institutions and corporations, and central banks operate behind the illusion of democracy, freedom, human rights, sovereignty etc.,

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