Transformation has started to digitalized economy/society?

On December 13, 2023, Federal Reserve Chairman Powell announced that further rate hikes are “unlikely”, which begs the question when interest rates will begin to be cut in 2024? Powell said three rate cuts 1/4 points likely in 2024.

The US dollar responded to Powell by falling 0.92% and gold and silver soared upward 2.34% and 4.54%.

With the US mounting debt issues approaching $34 trillion and inflation still above 3.1% (with core inflation at 4%), the Federal Reserve is cornered: rate cuts will weaken significantly the US dollar making the US national debt less costly, while a potential recession in 2024 offset by quantitative easing and more debt will again ignite inflation…

In the backdrop, the digitalization of the world continues with increasing emphasis on digital twinning (for example, the UK so-called Conservative government, and its party gate during the lockdowns, is funding with public tax dollars a national digital twinning program…) the globalist establishment appears to be pushing a technocratic order with its roots in totalitarianism masked over by democracy, human rights, sovereignty, freedom.

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