NCA Repeated Warning regarding Central Bank Digital Currency.

The image above is from the Bank of Canada, the central bank of Canada and part of the central banking cartel. The Bank of Canada is actively creating a national Digital ID and and Central Bank Digital Currency. (It is not doing these things for fun. There is already a plan in place by the establishment cabal.)

As stated by the Bank of Canada, the multi-controlled political establishment–when the timing is favourable–will simply legislate the central bank digital currency into law including the phase out of cash, and the various Governments and mainstream media will ramp up their propaganda on the digital currency.

It is important to understand that the central bank digital currency, and potentially a global central bank digital currency if the unipolar globalists have their way, will represent the ultimate form, complete authoritarianism.

In addition, the central banks will be able to manipulate the financial markets instantaneously and create infinite digital currency. Individuals and organizations who are critical of the multi-controlled establishment or oppose the dictates of government will face economic isolation and impoverishment…

Privacy whatever is left of it will be eliminated. Taxation will increase by bringing the “unbanked” into the system, so they can be taxed. The poorest and most vulnerable through taxation will be made even poorer. India with a massive poor class of people actually admitted this goal.

Key excerpts from the article: “Where Central Banks Have Issued Digital Currencies” By Tyler Durden

NCA bold for emphasis:

“As Alt-Market’s Brandon Smith detailed previously, with the introduction of CBDCs in the wake of a stagflationary crash, the central banks could call for a new global network of currencies to “stop such a crisis from ever happening again.” The BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and the IMF will be ready and waiting with the SDR basket, or something very similar. The bankers will remove all physical money over a short period of time and a global digital system will take over. All privacy in trade will be gone, except for those people involved in barter, black markets and commodities.

The advent of CBDCs could also mean that money and economic participation will become privileges, not rights. Digital trade could be tied to a social credit system, much like the one that exists in communist China.

Want access to your checking and savings accounts? Better not say anything critical of the establishment, or you could be reported by a neighbor or stranger by cell phone app and have your money disappear in seconds. The onus will then be on you to prove that you are “loyal” and get access back. You are guilty until proven innocent. Maybe you don’t want to take the next untested mRNA vaccine for the next dubious pandemic threat? You’ll have little choice if your ability to function economically is controlled digitally.

This is the world we are facing if we allow central banks to fully digitize money and trade. It is a nightmare environment of complete authoritarianism.”

What can you do?

Number 1: Stop supporting the multi-controlled political establishment.

Number 2: Raise awareness about a multitude of issues including the central bank digital currency, deployment of 5G…

Number 3: Support NCA and similar organizations in whatever way you can.

The existential threats facing humanity through AI, 5G, digitalization, data, and the globalist establishment is a nightmare of the worst magnitude.

At NCA we realize that many Canadians are uninformed and misinformed about the realities as indicated by their slavish obedience to the multi-controlled political establishment, which is harming them and putting their future in peril.

Therefore, all we can do at NCA is continue to raise awareness, until a critical mass is ready to reclaim the country and whatever may be left of it.

If you want to help us, please share, become a member, make tax deductible donation… obviously, with the sinister Great Reset agenda in the works, the situation is rather serious.

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