Transhumanism via Artificial intelligence, Data, Electromagnetic Frequency is an existential threat to humanism.

Although many people focus on the World Economic Forum for this agenda, there are many corporate entities behind it, and the political establishment that simply suppresses the people and create the legislation for the agenda.

The images are from the UK Ministry of Defense, “Human Augmentation – The Dawn of the New Paradigm, a strategic implications project”.

In short, human beings are an endangered species.

Image 1: the transhumanist view of the evolution of humanity, culminating in an AI wireless consciousness

Image 2: the transhumanist view of humanity and its limitations, and through AI, Wireless, Data “enhanced beyond biological potential”. Is this evolution of humanity or devolution of humanity? Do transhumanists seek to replace humanists?

Image 3: Augmented Reality: “build-in artificial intelligence functionality, in other words an AI wireless consciousness (biodigitalconvergence). This build-in feature may be AI brain implants and/or neuronanotechnology.

Image 4: the basic rights of human beings will be further reduced through the merger of human beings with AI machines. Although most people have no right to privacy, it will be virtually eliminated through transhumanism as human beings become “dependent on machines for most of our activities”, and which other entities own the machines. The individual becomes the non-legal owner of an integrated part of their human body. All the date generated from the machines within the human body are the property of an external entity, and including date generated from “under-skin surveillance”. There is the potential for human beings to become cyborgs.

So where is the progress or evolution for humanity?

Why are so many people uninformed or misinformed on what is here and coming, while they support the very establishment political entities that are harming them?

NCA suggests that you avoid exposure, and if necessary shield from exposure. In addition, it is important to help raise awareness because that is the only way to get this issue addressed. People in mass have the ultimate power.

At NCA we realize that many Canadians are uninformed and misinformed about the realities as indicated by their slavish obedience to the multi-controlled political establishment, which is harming them and putting their future in peril.

Therefore, all we can do at NCA is continue to raise awareness, until a critical mass is ready to reclaim the country and whatever may be left of it.

If you want to help us, please share, become a member, make tax deductible donation… obviously, with the sinister Great Reset agenda in the works, the situation is rather serious.

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