Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) now in the public domain (and potentially used against the public).

The weapon system was spotted in Calgary, Alberta, Canada on February 28, 2024 under the guise of the Calgary Police Service. Special ops forces were congregating at a church parking lot, and a tactical vehicle was parked across the street.

Context: In August 2022 a tactical armour vehicle was equipped with a sonic weapon system, and now February 2024 the vehicle has been updated or another one has been identified with a directed energy weapon system.

The directed energy weapon system in the photo is military grade, and used on military vehicles as well. (See MOOG attachments at bottom.)

The weapon system likely has microwave, millimeter wave, and laser capabilities.

The microwave weapon “can produce more than a 100 megawatts of power, which is nearly 150,000 times more powerful than an average household microwave.”

The microwave and millimeter wave weapons can target broad areas like a group or crowd of people.

The laser weapon is used for a specific target, and has a lethal component.

The globalist establishment including the military industrial complexes only focus on the thermal effects of these weapons, while ignore the biological effects from high radiation exposure.

Regardless, the long-term health effects of these weapons are “uncertain”. See the attached two page summary of these weapons:

More details on the weapon systems and radiation levels:

Turreted weapon system

Advancement in directed energy weapons as earlier as 2010 in the form of beam and laser technologies, whereby laser weapons were shown to destroy ballistic missiles in flight. See document:

The directed energy utilizes microwaves and millimeter waves up to 300 GHz. (Current usage in public down is around 2.4 GHz microwave and 3.8 GHz microwave wave masked as millimeter wave.) 

In addition as mentioned, Directed Energy Weapons utilize lasers that are more powerful than microwaves and millimeter waves. Lasers can literally destroy or kill their target.

With the so-called smart cities and 15 minute confinement zones, 5G beamforming at very high frequency will be deployed, similar to the directed energy weapons.

It is important to note that 5G is all about the so-called smart technology including AI machines, drones, and robots, and self-driving autonomous vehicles, sensor and surveillance grid (and the data upload), widespread digitalization… the health of people is collateral damage, which is superseded by control and profit.

Relevant Information on MOOG weapon systems:

Video mentions “radiating” weapon system.

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