While most people are distracted and divided, the technocratic agenda continues behind the mainstream blah.

As an example, the UK so-called Conservatives, former Partygate actors who locked down the British people while blatantly violate the lockdown, are pushing a massive, publicly funded agenda: National Digital Twin Programme (NDTP). 

This programme seeks to create a real-time digital twin of the entire UK physical world including all UK residents. The UK government website is vague and defensive in its portrayal of this technocratic agenda, which is no surprise.

However, we provide excepts from a research paper on digital twinning that includes non-cognitive and cognitive digital twin of human people and references NDTP. In other words, a digital twin of people’s external and internal (conscious) worlds.

The trajectory of this NDPT programme is totalitarianism, and will include predictive policing based upon the digital twins, thought police, pre-emptive targeting of residents in the name public safety.

Digital twin relies high speed computer processing, artificial intelligence algorithms, and massive constant data input and the sensors to collect the data.

As mentioned previously, freedom and privacy are endangered and face extinction through national and even global digital twins.


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