Digital Twinning and Cognitive Mimetics

This replacement is not something new: take automated cashiers, robotic floor cleaners, self-driving vehicles as taxis now operational in some cities in the USA, online commerce versus store front retail, digital online administration of for example insurance claims, generative artificial intelligence in most things creative and/or programmable, robotics in warehouses, drone delivery, AI sortation of mail…

On another level, open borders and sustained high immigration are adding to workforce and replacing existing workforce with people potentially more compliant, and altering and replacing the social fabric including customs, norms and values…

All these replacements are being pushed by globalists via their establishment politicians and media. The agenda is premeditated.

Now from a technology standpoint, the replacement of human beings is accelerating. Case in point is human digital twinning, which real-time replication of human beings in terms of who they are and their actions. This replication is now heightened with cognitive mimetics, which is imitation of human information processes (i.e. human thoughts, reasoning, imagination, emotions) for artificial intelligence.

The attached images discusses combination of cognitive mimetics and digital twinning in creating artificial intelligence cobots and robots to replace human beings in industry. Though the impact is not limited to industry, but the entire economy.

It is important to understand that sensors and all the data collected are imperative for real-time replication, which helps explain the push for digitalization, so-called smart cities, and the expansion of the wireless network via more and more base stations (multiple input and multiple output) and 5G beamforming). In addition, computer processing and modeling play important roles in synthesizing the data for practical use such as predictive policing, thought police, real-time financial market policy adjustment, social and immigration policy, censorship…

Eventually AI robots and cobots will be indistinguishable from human beings, and even transcend them in all aspects: knowledge, memory, physical strength, creativity.

The trajectory points to replacement of human beings in most intelligent and creative and non-intelligent and non-creative tasks, as Musk recently stated his fear that all human jobs will replaced by artificial intelligence.

What will happen to the all the people who are jobless and with no purpose? How long will universal basic income sustain these people and with what catches?

Will people be able to resist the globalists and their political and media weapons?

Will humanism triumph over transhumanism?

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