The greed and control followed by the fixation and delusion as represented by the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution aka Great Reset.

Let’s take a closer look at the delusion:

City of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

This City claims that “A Smart City is first and foremost a Healthy City.”

So we ask how ubiquitous extremely high, intensive EMF radiation exposure at 5G millimeter wave 24 – 100 GHz and higher through 6G is conducive to health?

How is complete digitalization and top-down control through sensors, surveillance, data mining conducive to health?

How is reliance on artificial intelligence for many activities such as driving, teaching, communicating conducive to health?

City of Sherbrooke, Quebec

This City seeks to connect the downtown to the university centres using a smart AI 5G grid and all the technology that comes with it, in order to profit economically.

How is turning a city into a technocracy in the best interests of the people?

How will technocracy resulting in up to 50% or more job loss benefit the economy overall?

City of Kelowna, British Columbia

This City seeks to implement UN Agenda 2030 via turning the city into a technocracy.

How does this technocratic agenda, which results in up to 50 percent of workforce made redundant by AI job displacement reduce homelessness, protect the most vulnerable, and create more affordable and attainable housing?

How is a mass surveillance grid using geospatial intelligence, digital identity, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence in the best interests of the people especially the homeless?

Banff National Park, Alberta

This federal regulated park already has an array of surveillance cameras, sensors, and cellular grid.

Now the Park politicians and bureaucrats are planning for “electric-powered, driverless transit pods” aka autonomous and connected vehicles, and more sensors and geospatial intelligence surveillance.

These driverless transit pods will require a consistent high speed connection via 5G millimeter wave. So the area of this technology will become saturated with EMF radiation more so than it already is. And the 5G grid will bring additional technology such as infrared biometrics.

How is saturating the environment with high frequency EMF radiation good for the environment and the people, wildlife and life-forms that reside there?

City of Toronto, Ontario

This city seeks complete digitalization, and that somehow digitalization will bring more prosperity to all people rather than a select few who own and operate the technology.

The city claims that digitalization will reduce child poverty without providing any evidence.

How does turning a city into a technocracy in which up to 50% of the people will be displaced from jobs by artificial intelligence is in the best interests of the people?

How does AI learning, 5G grid, big data analytics, autonomous and connected vehicles, artificial intelligence benefit the people overall?

How does creating a transhumanist environment benefit humanism?

City of Mississauga, Ontario

This city like Toronto is committed to complete digitalization via a city-wide digital ecosystem including digital hubs, kiosks, and kits.

The city seeks an “Smart City for everbody” aka wireless, digital, AI city.

How is turning a city into a digital AI technocracy with dig data analytics, sensors and geospatial intelligence surveillance, autonomous and connected vehicles, augmented virtual reality, AI information source in the best interests of the people?

City of Ottawa, Ontario

This city has a focused on Smart City 3.0, which entails full on technocratic transformation with full integration of youth via connection and lifestyle choices.

All the major technocratic technologies are utilized including artificial intelligence, augmented virtual reality, autonomous and connected vehicles, big data analytics, sensors for data, geospatial intelligence surveillance, mobile applications via digitalization, video analytics via video surveillance, and wearables for virtual reality. A 5G millimeter wave grid will power the artificial intelligence especially automated connected vehicles, drones, and machines.

What kind of world is being created for youth? How does transhumanism, virtual augmented reality benefit youth?

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