2023 – 2027

The wireless, cellular network is the fundamental foundation of the technocratic reset. The foundation is compromised of 2G-4G base stations, cellular towers and satellites (multiple input multiple output) and 5G (millimeter) beamforming. Eventually, 6G will be deployed at millimeter frequencies up to 300 GHz.

It should be noted that the current EMF standards max out at 300 GHz, which is 100 to 150 times higher frequency than what is currently deployed in the public domain. Disingenuously, establishment governments particularly in the West through globalist financial corporate interests, project that higher and higher frequencies and their widespread deployment in the public domain are what the common people want. Most people are being led their own interests.

2023 – 2027 Deployments

The deployments over this 4 year period will mark significant expansion of the technocratic agenda with emphasis on higher frequency and beamforming technology.

As examples,

The USA has deployments between 28 – 47 GHz and 70, 80, 90 millimeter wave and in excess of 95 GHz.

The EU initial deployment 26 GHz millimeter wave.

Canada has deployments 24 and 95 GHz millimeter wave and backhaul bands up to 174.8 GHz.

2027 will mark profound societal changes through robotics, artificial intelligence, digitalization, sensory/data collection, surveillance, human job displacement.

Without the wireless cellular network, there is no technocratic reset.

In terms of health, people will be exposed up to 50 times higher radiation levels, increased exposure through more infrastructure deployments including small cell sites and smart devices, and more direct exposure through wireless body and brain sensors and implants.

In addition, beamforming technology will pose significant health risks due its pinpointed extreme radiation.

Overall, technocratic trajectory is about increase technocratic and governance efficiency and productivity and ironically at the expense of the majority of humanity.

Universal basic income will band aid the massive looming human job displacement and the establishment globalists calculate the handout with conditions will prevent mass societal resistance.


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