As documented, there are issues with brain implants from EMF radiation:

1. The EMF radiation being emitted from brain implants is being absorbed into the brain, skull, and skin, thus causing potential harm and limiting the signal.

2. The EMF radiation of implants uses large wavelengths (2G – 4G), which places constraints on the size of implants. Hence, shorter wavelengths with higher frequency are likely in the future.…/p/brain-machine-interfaces

We confirm the frequency range of 0.915 to 2.45 GHz in brain and body implants. As mentioned, the trajectory is to higher frequencies to improve signal and data transfer.

Some implantable devices use ultra-wideband (UWB) technology for short range wireless and with a range of 3.1 to 10.6 GHz frequency. These devices have stronger signal and higher data transfer.

Interestingly, there is no establishment scientific consideration of the biological effects from EMF radiation emanating from implantable devices to the brain, skull, tissue, organs from sustained direct and extremely close exposure.

The only consideration is thermal health effects from implantable devices or any other source of EMF radiation. The globalist establishment in order to push the smart wireless agenda without complications has completely ignored/dismissed biological effects from EMF radiation exposure and despite thousands of peer reviewed scientific articles warning of serious biological effects.

The public and global health authorities such as the WHO, FDA, Health Canada etc., media, and establishment politicians all tow the line on denying biological effects.

Unfortunately, as a result, similar to the Covid-19 vaccines and recently alleged pandemic (with less than 1% death rate), people with biological issues including deaths from radiation exposure will not be accurately diagnosed and recorded.

Imagine having a device lodged in your brain or body emitting and receiving 2.45 GHz radiation non-stop?

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