Covered Up Monopole Cellular Tower in Calgary NW, Alberta, Canada... this particular tower is connected to different, higher spectrums with signal strength as high as 24.3 GHz.

In the NCA’s opinion, the virus is the new fabricated existential threat to usher in the AI Technocracy (aka Great Reset). And related, the virus and all the fear and societal control are distractions from the mass deployment of 5G and the surveillance grid, and implementation of UN Agenda 2030 via guaranteed basic income, digitalized currency, open borders, global citizenry etc.,

The end game is a completely globalized technocratic world with no borders, digitalized currency, global centralized government, global surveillance grid, global political and social credit systems…

NCA encourages concerned citizens to document what is changing in the their communities in terms of the Great Reset and share with NCA so we can reach more and more people both in Canada and worldwide.

Eventually, there will be a connected network of cellular satellites, cellular towers, small cell antennas, and smart devices that will power AI robots, machines, drones, self-driving vehicles, digitized currency, and total surveillance and the full implementation of social and political credit systems.

In Canada and the rest of the West, we are in the beginning infrastructure stages of the transformation to a AI Technocracy.

What to look for currently in your community:





Fake Trees and Other Forms Depending on Your Area




Small cell antenna at the rear top of the LED light.
Small cell antenna atop of a light fixture at the Vancouver International Airport.
University of British Columbia is 5G campus. In the photo is one of many small cell antenna lamp posts… the NCA meter was peaked out in excess 31 V/m peak signal in the area of this photo… the safe level is below 0.50 V/m peak signal.

Covered Antennas

Three-prong cellular tower disguised as a church cross in the area Tuscany, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


The stronger the signal from an antenna, the smaller and tighter the wavelength of the signal, and therefore, the smaller the antenna.

5G antennas on top boom deployed during lockdown.


Surveillance cameras at main intersections in Banff National Park.
Huawei facial recognition cameras part of shuffle sites, downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Public use areas like C-Train Stations are covered with surveillance cameras. NCA counted over 40 cameras at one C-Train Station.
Surveillance camera connected to small antennas at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Surveillance camera part of the flag pole in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.


The geoengineering or weather modification using heavy metal chemicals is connected to 5G and the Great Reset through nanoparticles, which act as transmitters and receivers of 5G signals.

Below are some images of flight paths that show chemical spraying, and photos of the sky. Since the early 1970’s, geoengineering has been occurring in the North America, and in 1975, U.S.A. and Canada signed a treaty on geoengineering.


Vaccines is another means to insert nanoparticles into people.


Since at least 2014, there has been documented covert surveillance of cellular phones. The devise below, the size of a suit case, mimics a cellular tower and sends out the strongest signal, thus tricking cell phones in the area of the devise to connect to it, thus allowing access to all the ongoing cellular data on the phones via cell phone calls, text messaging, emails, and browsing history. Apparently, there is no way to detect this surveillance, and there is no way to stop this surveillance other than shield your cell phone or do not use one.

Only governments are authorized to use this covert surveillance.

NCA Is Ready to Act on This, But We Need Your Support:

NCA as a grassroots, non-establishment registered federal political party is a vehicle of the Canadian people. If we had a majority of the Canadian Parliament, we would put an immediate stop to the 5G deployment and many other issues including Great Reset, political and social credit systems, and mandatory masks and implicitly forced vaccinations.

The power resides with the Canadian people. We need the Canadian people to empower us through their activism, contributions, and votes. Without that we can only inform about what is going on. Therefore, if you are concerned, please get involved with NCA.

Every person who volunteers, becomes a member, and contributes gives us power. The more power we have the more we can do.

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