Surveillance grid in Banff, Alberta, Canada

This article is written by Bruce Denzau, NCA founding member, and the member who coined National Citizens Alliance.


In the world of politics nothing is as it seems. Like a magician or an illusionist, the establishment politicians use distraction to do grab voters’ attention while they do something objectionable that escapes notice or scrutiny. Look at this hand while the other hand palms a billion dollars that goes into a slush fund.

The establishment politicians, especially those in power, don’t like us to know what they are up to. So when they want to pull a fast one, they will use something as a distraction in order to bring in a law or policy or reason to spend money we don’t have (or steal it ). But When they get desperate or no longer have the time for the tricks they just tell us “the way it is” and fine or jail or excommunicate those who don’t go along with the program. This goes on all the time in Western countries including here in Canada.

Where we see this blatantly playing out the most however, is in the United States of America. Over the past four years, citizens who call out their politicians, are banned from online platforms, unable to use banks or credit cards, businesses are boycotted, etc. They are attacked in the streets and their homes are vandalized by fascist groups like Antifa. The government denies free speech by getting private tech companies and fascist groups to do the dirty work. This is referred to as cancel culture. You will know when you are about to lose a right or freedom  we are used to or are guaranteed by constitution, when the government itself says that by exercising our free speech or freedom to gather with others, we are unsafe or dangerous to society at large. This is where we in Canada, and around the world, are now. We are being told we can’t travel, meet up with others and even to say certain words in public as these actions are dangerous, even lethal. This is how Democracy dies.

Behind all of this is a beast called Globalism NWO. Globalism is a disease that wants to own you, let you have as little as possible while you work (or not) for it. But Globalism NWO doesn’t want you to know what it really wants, otherwise you would object. We are being manipulated by a symptom of Globalism right now but we’re not allowed to talk about it. We can’t even use it’s name. Well, we don’t really need to use the banned words. We can replace the symptom with the disease itself. The reason we are told to isolate, or cover our face or take a jab in the arm is Globalism. We can reason that Globalism is behind this denial of basic rights by looking at all the things the globalists have on their wish list that are reasoned to be necessary due to “Globalism”. Also, the biggest advocates for these changes are died in the wool Globalists…like Trudeau (Canada’s favorite communist and current establishment front puppet).

Let’s take a look.

Digital Currency – The establishment, operating in the shadows, wants Canada to be the first country to have digital currency – this allows the government to control spending, real time taxation, seizure, etc. The IMF has been promoting digital currency for years

Universal Basic Income (UBI) – by destroying the economy, UBI will be welcome…even demanded by the populace. According to the CBC, UBI is the “top policy choice for Liberal MPs” and no doubt has the support of the multi-controlled opposition.

Tracking the populace – our phones broadcast our location but we can turn that off. Health tracking apps on the other hand, will be required if we want to shop, travel by air, see a movie in a theatre, etc. Globalists around the world in collusion with Big Tech are jumping on this one – following China’s lead naturally. Trudeau has said how he admires the CCP because in a dictatorship you don’t need the peoples permission.

5G – even though 5G frequencies are known to be harmful, they are needed for accurate tracking so they appeal to our desire for immediate gratification (5G speeds). Even Trump wants 5G but I think he has only looked at the speed and cost and is unaware of the health effects

Mass vaccination – people like Bill Gates have been planning mass vaccines for well over a decade supposedly for our health but in a much viewed video, Gates said it was to reduce population in the third world. Just when the Globalism(remember substitute) was occurring in China, Gates and company were simulating a Globalism outbreak – exactly what we got. Funny how every disaster since and including 9/11 has had a drill for that exact event either the same day or the days immediately preceding said disaster. But I digress.

Centralized world gov’t – needed to oversee from a world view – ask Europeans how this is working out for them – the ultimate in Communism that Trudeau and by extension the establishment so admires so much. The centralized government is not the government that was elected and not a representative, democratic government.

Aid in election fraud – Donald Trump was the most powerful anti-globalist in the world so Democrats insisted on mass mail in voting which made it easier to manipulate the vote in swing states (no need for in person voting and disease spread). This election fraud was probably the most important item for the Globalists because if Trump remained president, Globalism (the disease behind the symptoms we see) would face an existential threat. Trump was going to use his second term to expose these criminals in the US and around the world.

Deny the people’s right to free of speech and freedom to associate. The most basic and important human rights. In the world of Globalism, free speech is dangerous but sometimes our pesky constitution, Bill of Rights, laws etc get in the way of denying free speech, so our leaders are using Big Tech to do the dirty work by kicking unwanted voices off of platforms that just about everyone uses. They don’t want people speaking to each other on mass as we will realize the scam, organize and stop it.

The Globalism symptom gave the establishment politicians an excuse to implement these and other control measures in the name of safety. I left one other measure for last because it is the most important one to those controlling western, central banking countries. Spending due to Globalism provides the opportunity, they say, to implement the “Great Reset” which these politicians need to cover up their theft of billions if not trillions of dollars. Deficit spending has reached it’s conclusion. Trudeau is currently touting the Great Reset as the answer to all the spending being done due to the Globalism Disease. And it just so happens to come with UN Agenda 2030, which was adopted by the so-called Conservatives in 2015 at the United Nations.

There’s an easier way to deal with the money needed to relace what’s been lost due to the Globalism lockdown. All countries affected get together and agree on a percentage of each country’s GDP that will be needed to offset losses and agree that it is not debt. Call it a gift from Grandma. This way no country’s credit rating is affected and their debt will not increase. Simple. This is money that would otherwise be there if the lockdown were not happening

When so many items on the Globalist wish list are called for or accomplished (I’m sure there are more) by this Globalism symptom we are currently experiencing, it is either deliberate or they are the luckiest people on the planet because the timing is perfect.

 We will only, truly be free when we rid ourselves of the entrenched political class, right and left, that either promote or don’t object to Globalism, and citizens take an active part in the politics of the country. Governing shouldn’t be done in secret and tricks and deceit are not acceptible or necessary.

The problem is Globalism and the sell out of the country by a crooked, self-serving establishment. What we are experiencing are the symptoms.

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