The Wikipedia page of the National Citizens Alliance of Canada has been corrupted by Marxist and Communist operatives and a compliant Wikipedia administration. This corruption should be no surprise for anyone who understands the open source component of Wikipedia and the fact that it has been hijacked.

The content is so warped and false that it has become laughable, except there are some people who believe what is written on the Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia is an open source online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and update. However, one of the fundamental flaws of Wikipedia is that it views mainstream media articles as facts.

So the fake media has armed the Marxists and Communists and the establishment political entities with the means to vilify National Citizens Alliance and many other organizations and individuals, which they obviously view as a threat.

The Frankfurt School of Marxism mentions cultural revolution by among other things infiltration of establishment institutions.

At one time, we assembled a team of editors to delete the false information on the Wikipedia page and replace it with factual information. However, the Marxists and Communists complained to the Wikipedia administrator who then suspended us from Wikipedia editing.

So the page continues to misrepresentation and spread false information. Interestingly, the fake mainstream media is viewed as a factually source, and the same media uses Wikipedia as a factual source, and thereby reinforcing its misinformation.

On a positive note, the attacks on National Citizens Alliance by the establishment cabal and the Marxist and Communist fringes means that these elements fear NCA so much they have a need to try to keep us down.

The bottom line is that the NCA Agenda includes all of humanity regardless of a person’s faith, place of origin, skin colour etc., and no matter what the propagandists say. Humanity against Globalism NWO (aka UN Agenda 21 and 2030, Great Reset).

The struggle goes on as it must and as the threats to our existence increase.

Note, the NCA findings on Wikipedia are confirmed by one of the co-founders in this article:

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