This example is from LaSalle, a suburb of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The local resident is facing two sources of extreme EMF radiation (outside and within his home), and not factoring in other sources throughout the day away from his home.

This resident is experiencing headaches and recent heart arrhythmia.

Some of the scientifically established health effects from EMF radiation exposure:

“The reduced ability of our cells to digest sugars is called diabetes.

The reduced ability of our cells to digest fats causes them to be deposited in in our tissues, resulting in obesity. It causes them to be deposited in coronary arteries, resulting in heart disease.

The reduced ability of our cells to utilize the oxygen we breathe causes them to revert to anaerobic (non-oxygen-using) metabolism, resulting in cancer.

The extraordinary increases in these four pandemic diseases — obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer — are predominantly caused by constant radiation from personal wireless devices and the global infrastructure that supports them.” – Arthur Firstenberg

The roof top tower across from his home was updated with 5G antennas in July, 2022.

From his balcony facing the tower, EMF readings were measured: max peak signal 8.65 V/m, and average power output 61,900 uW/m2 (photo above).

From his pillow in his bedroom, 4.88 V/m peak signal and 13,000 uW/m2 power output:

From his WiFi router, 10 V/m peak signal and 20,900 uW/m2.

From the WiFi router screened with metal faraday cage, 9.44 V/m peak signal and 11,900 uW/m2.

The readings are extreme, in particular the power output, which is the power behind the frequency transmission. The higher the power output the further the transmission of frequency. High frequency and high power output are a dangerous combination as shown by this example.

The safe levels of EMF radiation are below 0.50 V/m peak signal and 1,000 uW/m2 power output (BioInitiative and Building Biology).

It is important to realize that with the deployment of the 5G millimeter wave in 2024, the EMF radiation levels will increase 10 to 50 times from their current extreme levels. Although the millimeter wave will be in beam form, we anticipate even more public exposure from an increase in transmissions to power digitalization and artificial intelligence.

Unfortunately, the EMF radiation standards in North America are completely corrupted allowing in excess of 76 V/m peak signal public exposure. (In Russia as comparison, 6 V/m is the maximum public exposure allowed.) The Canadian and US governments, and governments throughout the West are in full collaboration with the telecommunication industry on these deployments regardless of the public health effects. Greed, power trumps public health. People are collateral damage in the globalist agenda to digitalization and transhumanize society.

This article provides insight on EMF radiation readings:

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