The latest staged meeting between puppet Biden and Zelensky should cause more concern. This staged event was followed up by puppet Zelensky demanding even more billions from the US Congress for the Ukraine Proxy War.

Most Americans have no clue as to where Ukraine is, while they struggle with high inflation and high energy prices.

The reality of geopolitics is that the US deep state comprised of neoliberals and neocons view international relations as a zero sum game whereby the Unipolar Rules-based World Order is in a Hobbesian state of aggression and war with any competitor state and any non-compliant state.

The orchestrated unity of Western establishment politicians on the Ukraine Proxy War (just like the lockdowns) shows unequivocally that democracy is dead and buried in the West if it ever existed in genuine form.

Multi-controlled establishment politicians are beholden to the Western military industrial complex and the Unipolar hegemony, making a complete sham of Western democracy.

The slogans of freedom, human rights, democracy, sovereignty are mere justifying words for the tyranny of global hegemony. And the same applies to free market and fair competition.

The danger is how far will the US deep state go to cling to its hegemonic power?

Based upon the Ukraine Proxy and the tens of billions in lethal weaponry, training, intelligence, funding, acts of terrorism… and potentially US troops on the ground in Western Ukraine shows the real danger. Escalation of the war has been the norm up to now with Patriot missile systems the latest escalation.

The Western people are relegated to mere protests due to the propagandized media and multi-controlled establishment deep state politicians.

2023 does not bode well economically and geopolitically.

The potential for nuclear confrontation is fairly high, considering the escalating direct involvement of the US and NATO in the Ukraine Proxy War.

Ukrainians should be deeply angered by the treason of the Zelensky Regime, in which the country is being destroyed and over hundred thousand Ukrainians and more have lost their lives…. for a geopolitical game to attempt to weaken Russia as a competitor to the US global hegemony…

Westerners should be angered at the reckless sanctions that have boomeranged, and the control of the military industrial complex over the establishment politicians… it echoes the assassination of Kennedy via US intelligence…

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