Another Deployment

Calgary SW, Alberta, Canada… could be almost anywhere

Two weeks ago we saw technicians working on the new 5G antennas on the lower boom of the tower (we show this towards end of the video).

We suspect for the time being that the 5G is piggybacking off the 4G spectrum.

Nevertheless, we measured 6.0 V/m peak signal and up to 25,000 uW/m2 power out. According to the BioInitiative and Building Biology, the safe levels are below 0.5 V/m peak signal and 1,000 uW/m2 power output. We exceeded these limits by 12 and 25 times. With full 5G millimeter wave deployment, we are looking at potentially 50 times in public EMF exposure.

EMF Meter Readings Explained:…/…/

Regardless of the health concerns, there are societal concerns that revolve around digitalization, mass surveillance including biometrics, and artificial intelligence. We already see AI robotics displacing workers like in warehouse sortation, automobile assembly, and cashiers. That is only the beginning. Truck drives for example stand to be replaced through self-driving vehicles.

Transhumanist, anti-humanist society, and people have no direct say as it is being dictated from above.

At NCA, we support keeping 5G out of the public domain, and in designated 5G industrial technological zones.

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