Praise on the Russian Federation for standing up for the traditional family unit comprised of man, woman, and children.

Russian new laws ban LGBTQ propaganda directed at any Russian, children, and now minors and adults as well.

Russia is not banning LGBTQ. On the contrary, it is standing up for its traditional values rooted in orthodox Christianity.

These traditional values are an existential, fundamental part of Russia.

In contrast, Western countries through the globalist take over have become decoupled from any fundamental values and beliefs, where anything goes that is consistent with the globalist agenda.

Hence, agents of the Government of Canada or other Western countries have publicly attacked Russia, because these countries don’t stand for anything. Valueless vassals of the Unipolar Rules-based World Order.

Canada as an example has become completely unhinged from its past values and beliefs as the globalists and their establishment political and media puppets seek a divided, valueless society.

What is wrong with bans on “propaganda” normalizing non-traditional relations, pedophilia, and gender reassignment?

It should be noted that Western agents seek regime change in countries like Russia by trying to undermine their values.

The condemnation by Canadian agents and political puppets of Russia by linking support for the family unit to human rights discrimination can only be made from a position of being valueless.

The Government of Canada agents such as Canadian Minister for Sport Pascale St-Onge condemn Russia for allowing parents to protect their children while they are minors from being imposed and imprinted by aggressive propaganda. Canada is doomed with these valueless globalists governing the country as reflected in the multi-controlled opposition.

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