Trudeau Revealed at the Public Order Emergency Commission

We can’t give him any credit because he is the current Canadian deep state, establishment front person.

We will dissect his statements to the Commission. (It should be noted that the Commission’s findings will be released in a year and not result in any punitive damages to Trudeau or the government, nor will the findings prevent another occurrence of the Emergency Act unjustly being invoked).

”My motivation was entirely about ensuring the safety of Canadians,” he said in response to a question from government lawyer Brian Gover.

If one were to believe Trudeau, which is a stretch, the Freedom Convoy was remarkably peaceful. So Trudeau’s claim of wanting to ensure the safety of Canadians has zero merit, and its top down paternalistic approach is dangerous to free speech and freedom of assembly.

The notion that the public protest on the lockdown and injections could cause harm to people who believed the protesters and therefore cause harm to these people is debatable and sets a dangerous precedence of censoring free speech and dialogue. Could Trudeau draw on just one example of direct serious harm from the protests? No.

Overall the protests were creating dialogue on significant issues that were under heavy censorship. Dialogue is integral to healthy society, and suppression of dialogue is tyrannical.

It should be noted as well that Trudeau and Government of Canada publicly support lockdown protesters in India and China, but vilify, criminalize similar protesters in Canada. More blatant hypocrisy.

”My secondary motivation was making sure Canadians continue to have confidence in their institutions and society’s ability to function and enforce the rule of law when it’s not being respected. Politics was not the motivation at all in the invocation of the Emergencies Act.”

Again, the Freedom Convoy gathering was peaceful, and there were minor bylaw infractions. So what Trudeau is really saying is that protests that hold account corrupt government policy should not be allowed.

The invocation of the Emergency Act seek to suppress and end a peaceful protest.

Trudeau claimed that his choice to use the emergency powers was made on the “collective advice” of his cabinet.

Here Trudeau is hiding behind his cabinet, rather than being fully accountable. It shows weakness and poor leadership.

“First of all, what if the worst had happened in those following days? What if someone had gotten hurt?” he asked. “What if, when I had an opportunity to do something, I had waited and we had the unthinkable happen?”

Speculating on what could have happened is a dangerous precedence because it is based on an unknown. And in this case meant the suppression of a peaceful protest. Clearly, the Government of Canada did not like an alternative point of view that exposed its corrupt policies.

“I’m worried about setting a precedent that a blockade of Wellington Street can lead to changing public policy… We have a robust functioning democracy and protests, public protests, are an important part of making sure Canadians are getting messages out there and highlighting how they feel about various issues,” he said.

“But using protests to demand changes to public policy is something that I think is worrisome.”

Here Trudeau really exposed the hypocrisy and double standards. He claims he is worried about protests resulting in policy change from real Canadians, while special interests, globalist corporations, individuals, organizations such as Soros, Gates, World Economic Forum, US administration via deep state, Bank of International Settlements, etc., directly influence and even define Canadian public policy such as the Afghanistan disaster, Ukraine Proxy War, neo-colonial agenda in Haiti, digitalization, monetary policy…

Note, the propaganda virtue signaling “robust functioning democracy”… so far from the truth. Just look at the vile Canadian media that blatantly lies to Canadian people on a daily basis…

Trudeau is a fraud, and a mere front person of the globalist establishment.

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