What does this mean? What is this Globalist Order?

We met this gentleman in the photo at the Vancouver BC TED Talks protest last weekend. His views coincided with our own:

First off, there is no difference between neo-liberal and neo-con. They are one and the same especially when it comes to the Globalist Order.

The Globalist Order refers to the Unipolar biased rules based order manifested in the USfiatreservered$, western based international institutions such as the World Bank, IMF, World Economic Forum, World Trade Organization, International Criminal Court, United Nations…

The root of this Order is economic: US fiat reserved currency, Western economic dominance…

More and people through the lockdowns are aware that this Order is not for the benefit of the everyday person.

With the Russia Ukraine proxy war, we are witnessing the collapse of this Order, and its replacement by a multipolar world, namely stemming from Russia, China, and India as manifested in BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa Order), emergence of an alternative financial transaction system to SWIFT, and a shift away from the US fiat reserved currency.

The Western fiat financial system is under tremendous pressure through rising inflation (8.5% in US albeit a lot higher on the ground), enormous growing debt ($30.4 trillion in US…), and de-dollarization as countries replace the US$ in trade with their own $ and gold. In addition, the reckless sanction policies of Europe on Russia are making Europe less competitive and poorer, and thereby less relevant globally with increasing inflation and debt.

Without the dominance of the US$, the unipolar biased rules based order will collapse. The sanctions against Russia, in which $300 billion in Russian foreign reserves have been frozen and likely stolen, undermines the credibility of the reserve US currency. A reserve currency cannot be politically biased, thus the beginning of the collapse, and the same applies to a global order.

Inequity and bias are at the root of this collapse.

What this paradigm shift means is that the cost living in the US and Europe will get much higher and harder on the everyday person. A potential recession is not far off including stagflation, and maybe even a depression.

There is no turning back as the self-inflicted damage through years of inequity and most recently the sanctions is already done.

In terms of the bigger picture, the so-called Great Reset rooted in UN Agenda 21 and 2030 has been set back as it is based on global governance. Though this technocratic agenda will likely continue through different blocs rather than a single global one.

Unfortunately, there appears no turning back from AI, digital, nanotechnology, 5G… the emergence of the multipolar world may in fact accelerate this direction through increased competition. The questions remains whether or not this technology can be used for the betterment of humanity (humanist) versus for its demise (transhumanist).

Fiat Currency Collapse


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