Quantum Data, Nanotechnology…. Leading to AI Bio Robots (Biodigital Convergence)

Data is so enormous and sophisticated (coupled with 5G + processing speeds) that it is becoming indistinguishable from reality similar to the virtual augmented reality of the metaverse, whereby virtual, augmented sensory may become indistinguishable from real life sensory….

So people can be taken over consciously by an AI consciousness without them even knowing… neuronanotechnology embedded in the human brain that is connected wirelessly to an external source…

“It’s like “a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires,” Musk said during the product demo which showcased the technology implanted over two months ago in the head of a pig named Gertrude. The Neuralink BCI is a device about the size of a quarter and is connected by thousands of electrodes tied into the brain. This device measures “the electrical signals emitted by neurons” because “the speed and patterns of those signals are ultimately a basis for movement, thoughts, and recall of memories.” Musk and the talented team at Neuralink hope this demo propels the technology to future trials on human beings. The company also announced that the device had received “breakthrough device status” from the FDA, which it hopes will speed up trials on humans.”


Central AI Controlling Everything as manifested in a digital social credit system… with digital ID and currency… those who resist or do not conform will be addressed…. we see this now as people are targeted for their views through censorship, fines, imprisonment, no-fly list…

NCA is obviously deeply concerned by the transhumanist, dystopian agenda…

To deal with this reality as a first step, we are promoting awareness.

This video will give you an idea, if not already, on what is here and what is coming:


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