Orwellian Double Speak and Corruption: the Government of Canada and Western media pushes the facade of “democracy” in Ukraine (known for its widespread corruption), at the same time puppet Zelensky in a declaration of martial law on March 21, 2022, banned political opposition parties and curtailed media and freedom of expression rights, and oppositional voices in media and politics are being arrested with no due process…. We have not even mentioned the kickbacks for allowing the Pentagon to set up bioweapon labs and use lethal pathogens like Anthrax on the Ukrainian people (Rosemont Seneca investment firm managed by Hunter Biden tied financially with Ukrainian biolabs through Metabiota and Black & Veatch main suppliers for Pentagon Biolabs)… or training, equipping, funding of Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups since 2014…

It gets worse. Zelensky is mentioned in the Panama and Pandora Papers of politicians hiding funds in offshore accounts… and apparently, he owns a $35 million mansion in Sunny Isles, Florida with ties to Ukrainian Oligarchs…

“Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky used a network of offshore companies to buy three upmarket properties in London…”

There is a deep well of bad in Canada for supporting the likes of Zelensky and falsely propping him up…

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Ukraine Silently FastTrack’s the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset by implementing:

Social Credit System (to receive UBI one must be doubled vaccinated…)

Digital ID Universal Basic Income (digital currency with restrictions on use)

Vaccine Passport

All within the Ukrainian government’s digital app Diia


In 2018, at the World Economic Forum, puppet Zelensky was basically begging investors to do the impossible…

(At the same time, the Ukraine government has banned political opposition parties and eliminated freedom of media and basic civil rights…. while calling itself a democracy as suggested by its US handlers and pushed in the Western establishment media…)

Is the digitalization of Ukraine a partial explanation as to why Western establishment governments and media are so enamoured with puppet Zelensky?

So Ukraine went from selling itself out for the US spearheaded 2014 coup, US bioweapon labs, and the funding, training, equipping of neo-Nazi groups, while provoking Russia (such as banning the Russian language, threatening NATO membership and even nukes, attacking Donbass…) into military confrontation at the expense of the Ukrainian people, and now the implementation of the Great Reset…

We can only hope the Ukrainian people get informed as to what is happening to their country.

Original Post with Comments: https://www.facebook.com/NationalCitizensAlliance/posts/506494937819000

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