In the photos is a cellular tower in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada being updated with 3.5 GHz antennas. The tower is located near low residential housing and a seniors home. This update is occurring across Canada, and it will be followed by 3.8 GHz.

Although these higher frequencies are being presented by telecommunication industry and by extension various governments, federal and provincial, as 5G, they are really high frequency 4G.

As mentioned, the date to be looking out for is 2024, in which the 5G millimeter wave will be unleashed in the public domain. This deployment will represent an enormous increase in public EMF radiation exposure in the range of 24 GHz to 100 GHz.

At NCA we anticipate that the digitization including ID and currency will coincide with this deployment likely near the end of 2024, or in 2025. It is anticipated Western countries will be in a deep recession at this time, which will create further catalyst for the transformation of society into an AI technocracy including complete digitalization.

It is important for people to understand that the establishment politicians and their entities are complete puppets of the deep state and this Reset agenda. Words are cheap. Actions are revealing.

Just look at the so-called Conservative Liz Truss, who is so deep in with bankers, military industrial complex, globalist corporations, wealthy globalists, various countries and ideologies that the British people are highly alarmed. Or Trudeau a front puppet of the Unipolar Rules-based World Order is about as plastic and scripted as anyone could be. Or in Alberta, a new Premier unelected by Albertans who is pretending to be different, but the actions are all too revealing especially digitalization, 5G deployment, and geoengineering.

There is a crisis of democracy in the West for the simple fact that the establishment political entities and mainstream media serve the Unipolar Order first and foremost.

NCA stands as rare opposition.

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