NATO Secretary General, Stoltenberg is another front puppet of the Unipolar Rules-based World Order and most notably the Western Military Industrial Complex.

Stoltenberg’s basic argument regarding Russia and the Ukraine Proxy defies any sense, other than as a declaration that the Unipolar Order does not like competition and seeks to impose its will on any country that dares to stand up for itself.

This is what Stoltenberg said:

“If [Russian President Vladimir] Putin wins, that is not only a big defeat for the Ukrainians, but it will be the defeat, and dangerous, for all of us,” he said.”

“Stoltenberg declared that continued arms shipments to Ukraine are vital to ensure “that Ukraine wins the battle, the war against the invading Russian forces.””

Basic Background:

1. NATO has been advancing on Russia through the incorporation of eastern European NATO members and moving troops and lethal weaponry closer to Russia ($17 billion by the US alone in military supplies to Ukraine since February, 2022. NATO has added 13 countries from Eastern Europe as members since the fall of the Soviet Union, most recently Finland and Sweden).

2. Since the 2014 US instigated and funded Kiev coup, NATO has been engaged in a proxy war in Ukraine against Russia.

3. Since the start of Russia’s special military operation on February 24, 2022, the proxy war has intensified through Western sanctions and major arms supplies to Ukraine, and intelligence and training.

4. The four southern regions of Ukraine Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye voted via super majority to join to Russia. There were 1000 observers of the voting. No issues were raised. NATO and the Western deep state falsely claimed that voters exercised their will at gun point, while ignore the NATO endorsed self-determination of Kosovo.

As of today, the two republics and two regions are officially part of Russia. People from these areas have been living terror since 2014 from the Ukrainian military and neo-Nazi elements and by extension their Western backers.

5. The Ukraine proxy regime has resorted to state terrorism as has NATO though the bombing of the Kerch bridge, Nord Stream 1 and 2, Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant, and assassination of Russian media and authors. Russia has retaliated with two days of bombardment of Ukrainian electricity grid, railway hubs, and communication centres, and threatened more attacks if the Ukrainian regime persists with its terrorism. NATO has responded by asking members to supply more air defense systems to Ukraine, thus potentially escalating the conflict.

Let’s break down the absurdity of the Stoltenberg.

1. Stoltenberg tries to make the Ukraine proxy war all about Putin (i.e. “if Putin wins”), rather than the Russian Federation and its allies. Why? NATO seeks regime change in Russia, and by making it all about Putin, Stoltenberg continues the Western mainstream media propaganda.

2. So when the Russian Federation wins this pre-emptive military intervention in Ukraine, the winners will be the two republics and two regions, which are primarily Russian speaking.

3. The big losers are not the Ukraine proxy regime or the Western military industrial complex, but the Ukrainian people for allowing their country to be used as a geopolitical battleground.

4. The real danger is if NATO wins, because then it will more readily use its military might to subjugate any other country via the Unipolar Rules-based World Order as we saw in Yugoslavia.

5. Russia is not an “invading force” as Stoltenberg pretends. Russia is a liberating force of Russian speaking areas of Ukraine, which have faced terror since 2014.

6. By supplying more lethal arms to Ukraine and increasingly more sophisticated weaponry, NATO is ensuring the destruction of the Ukraine, and the potential that it may cease to exist. The Unipolar Order via the US deep state seems to think that it is the only entity that can yield its military power.

7. “If Ukraine wins the battle” statement by Stoltenberg is misdirection. NATO is party to the conflict, and it is NATO in terms of arms, intelligence, and training that is battling. Ukrainians are mere cannon fodder.

8. Another loser of the Ukraine proxy war, Stoltenberg failed to mention is the Western people who have borne the brunt of the Western sanctions, which have pushed inflation higher and higher especially energy costs.

9. The biggest winner of the Ukraine Proxy War, Stoltenberg failed to mention again is the Western military industrial complex through billions and billions in arms sales.

Is the Ukraine Proxy War being used by Western establishment politicians as a distraction to the Western economic troubles?

How far will NATO take this conflict including nuclear exchange?

Why did NATO not dissolve after the collapse of the Soviet Union?

How is a global NATO as pushed by the UK deep state in the best interests of humanity?

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