Location: Calgary NW, Alberta, Canada

This NCA live video documents a 5G deployment. We take EMF meter readings to record the level of radiation prior to the activation of the 5G antennas. We will use these readings to compare the readings from active 5G antennas. We expect these antennas to piggyback off the 4G spectrum (albeit at higher frequencies), but at some point they may likely be activated in the 5G millimeter wave spectrum.

Currently, at this cellular tower site (above a Senior’s home and across from a public high school and strip mall), we measured a peak signal of 6.0 V/m and maximum power output 9,000 uW/M2.

The safe levels according to the BioInitiative and Building Biology is below 0.5 V/m peak signal and 1,000 uW/m2 power output. So we are already 12 and 9 times above the safe levels with the current 4G infrastructure. 5G using the millimeter wave between 24 and 100 GHz frequency, represents at minimum a 10 to 50 times increase in public radiation levels.

We know already there is a number of people already struggling with EMF radiation health effects from 5G. We assume under 5G the number of people will multiple.

Overall, the 5G deployments are all about the cellular infrastructure for the so-called Great Reset and its digitalization, AI components that including self-driving vehicles and biodiogital convergence (such as AI wifi consciousness and humanoids)…

People no matter where they live have never been asked about this agenda. It is being imposed top-down, which really exposes pretense of democracy.

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