In this Emerging Global Realities video, we document the new deployment of 5G small cell sites in the downtown area of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This deployment could be happening almost anywhere in the world.

We measured extreme EMF radiation from the small cell sites: the peak signal was consistently maxed out at 6.0 V/m, and the power output reached as high as 84,000 uW/m2. The safe levels are below 0.50 V/m peak signal and 1,000 uW/m2 power output (BioInitiative and Building Biology).

The small cell sites range from a street block apart to merely 1/4 of a street block.

The purpose of the sites is to provide high frequency wireless connectivity for artificial intelligence, digitalization, and autonomous, connected vehicles.

Based upon the logo on the shell of the small cell sites, we believe the manufacturer is Ericsson, based out of Sweden, which is one of the largest global suppliers of 5G infrastructure.

EMF Radiation Government Standards:

EMF Radiation Meter Readings and Corresponding Biological Effects:

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