Yesterday we interacted with an artificial intelligence chatbot called ChatGPT.

We asked specific questions about inherent bias in artificial intelligence, assassination of Kennedy, US military industrial complex, and transhumanism impact on humanity.

Overall, we did not get straightforward answers. And in the disclaimer on limitations, there is no mention of inherent biases.

We had to press repeatedly to get a yes or no answer on the inherent bias of artificial intelligence. The AI Chatbot eventually conceded that all artificial intelligence has inherent fundamental bias programmed into it.

In regard to the US military industrial complex’s control of the USA, the AI chatbot failed to exact the true nature of the control by shielding itself by opposing views.

In regard to the assassination of Kennedy and the CIA involvement, we had to press repeatedly, and eventually the AI chatbot downplayed the severe implications if the CIA were directly involved in the assassination, which suggests programmed bias.

In regard to transhumanism, the Chatbot shielded itself by opposing views.

Interestingly, the chatbot identified as “I”.

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