As shown in the statements from Verizon below, the technology and network trend is to a two-tiered overlapping cellular infrastructure. People living in this environment will be saturated with extremely high frequency radiation and high frequency radiation. There will be no escape in this environment especially in 15 minute cities.


5G Beamforming (5G ultra wide band frequency) using millimeter wave allows for directed, focused radiation emission. The frequencies range between 24 GHz to 53 GHz (20 to 25 times current EMF radiation levels), and can go as high as 300 GHz according to North American EMF radiation standards.

Massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) helps compensate for the difficulty of the millimeter wave to past through objects by providing base level frequency connection. Massive refers to the number of antennas at base stations and small cell sites. These microwave sites operate as high as 3.98 GHz, and disperse radiation in a broad, unfocused manner (typically the current deployments albeit with more antennas).

The 5G Beamforming is ideal for densely packed areas like arenas and densely populated urban areas, and primarily used for Internet of Things including self-driving automated vehicles, industrial automation, and Smart technology (sensors, surveillance, digitalization, artificial intelligence… ).

This two-tiered infrastructure will create the network basis for digital twinning of everything especially human beings in the physical world, resulting in complete control of that world.

The biological health impacts of EMF radiation absorption into the human body is well documented by peer reviewed science. The combination of 5G Beamforming and Massive multiple input and multiple output will make EMF radiation sickness a crisis, not to mention increase the mid and long-term serious health effects including heart disease, diabetes, cancer, infertility, organ disorder, psychological impairment…

The overall agenda is transhumanism/anti-humanism.

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