30m monopole cellular tower

As NCA has been warning, the system is rigged against telecommunication liability. Blame Health Canada and the establishment political puppets across both sides of the aisle, and the paid off, dishonest media.

The two photos above are of 30m monopole cellular towers.

The images below are of the telecommunication response to Kenora community concerns regarding the deployment of a 30m monopole 4G cellular tower in a residential area.

The images below are the plea of sanity by members of the Kenora community to the City Officials, who sided with Health Canada and the telecommunication industry (although they were pretty much powerless due to federal jurisdiction).

Such is the state in Canada and around the world, whereby profit and control are coming before the health and welfare of people. These two NCA articles explain the political history involving EMF radiation:



The only solution is to drain and replace the corrupt establishment political sell outs in Ottawa. These establishment political sell outs have allowed what occurred in Kenora and across the country. That is why NCA as a registered federal political party was created. Ask yourself should you allow these political sell outs make decisions that severely impact your health and well-being? Why are Canadians settling for this? Why do they rely on these sell outs, instead of demand from them basic representation? Everything is upside down. Instead of the health and well-being of Canadians coming first, it is coming second to profit and control. Instead of political representatives serving the people, they are serving themselves and corporate/special interests. When will the Canadian people have enough?


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