United Nations and World Economic Forum sign strategic partnership that includes the acceleration of the implementation of UN Agenda 2030 (i.e. the national framework of the fourth industrial revolution) (June 13, 2019). Did this acceleration manifest itself partly in the lockdowns that were widespread by April 2020?

The acceleration includes “digital cooperation” that entails “digital governance” (such as digital ID and currency, and biometric, digital surveillance) and digital inclusiveness (so that the maximum number of people are subject to the digitalization).

In the context of Canada, UN Agenda 21 (the global framework of the Reset) was adopted by the so-called Conservatives in 1992, and UN Agenda 2015 was adopted by the so-called Conservatives in 2015, and Agenda 2030 is being implemented by all levels of government. In addition, the current federal government is collaborating with the World Economic Forum on a global digital passport, and the Bank of Canada is creating a national digital ID and currency (which we assume once complete will be legislated into reality regardless of which multi-controlled party is in power).

Fourth Industrial Revolution via the World Economic Forum is a broader view of the Great Reset.

The same components are at play: global governance, central bank digital currency, universal basic income, AI drones and robotics, autonomous self-driving vehicles, nanotechnology, etc.,

In image above we highlight the key areas of concern.

The image mentions neuroscience to what end? Biodigital convergence? Transhumanism?

The image implies significant challenges from employment displacement. There are studies projecting we could lose 40% of our jobs. What if it is more? Who benefits?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is really a transhumanist globalist agenda to transform the world into an AI Technocracy. Every aspect of your life will be controlled. The latest developments in neuroscience suggest that the control will include your thoughts and thereby your actions. Could there not be a greater existential threat to humanity?

5G due to higher frequencies and consequently faster upload, download, processing speeds is the technological basis for this Technocracy.

NCA is obviously very concerned about the impact on humanity in terms of financial control, surveillance, violation of the human body through nanotechnology, thought control via biodigital convergence, massive job displacement, dependency on government for means of survival via universal basic income, contamination of living space through heightened extreme EMF radiation exposure, directed energy weapons (DEW)…

What can you do?

Continue to get informed, share accurate, relevant information with others, monitor and report on the changes locally, and it would not hurt to support the efforts of NCA as we are the only political entity that is really addressing these issues.

How does the war in Ukraine relate to the Great Reset? Is Russia standing up to the globalists or is the war a temporary distraction from the lockdowns and mandate/passport protests? Are these protests a PSYOP to distract from other issues?

According to the World Economic Forum, Russia is one of the countries leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Is this a misdirection by WEF or is it reality? We know China and many western countries are leading the way such as the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands…


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