In the photos are cellular deployments from May, 2020 to October, 2022.

Roof Top Cellular Tower in May, 2022

There are two major developments at this location:

1. Some of the main antennas (white) have been updated to dual antennas. We saw an identical deployment at another location, in which the tower technicians confirmed that the towers are being updated to 3.5 GHz frequency.

2. Below the two monopole towers are several 5G antennas attached to the building. The dark colour of these antennas make them difficult to see. In 2024, the 5G millimeter wave will be turned on in the public domain with frequency between 24 to 100 GHz.

At NCA we are pro-technology, but not at the expense of public health and well-being.

We are concerned about the increasing EMF radiation levels on public health, and the AI technocratic grid that is being developed.

We do not recall that the Canadian people or any other people were asked about these deployments. Therefore, the deployments are being imposed top down and with the purpose of implementing the WEF Reset including digitalization, AI robotics, drones, machines, facial recognition surveillance grid, self-driving vehicles, wireless saturation via Smart Grid…

5G is paramount to the Reset by providing the processing and download speeds for the technocratic transformation. Unfortunately, some people are deluded that the processing and download speeds are for them and their games and movies.

At NCA we support keeping 5G out of the public domain due to serious health and social concerns. We support creating 5G industrial and residential zones away from the public domain.

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