Bill C-11, Amendment to the Broadcast Act (Passed the House of Commons, in the final stages of Senate before being passed).

We attached some key excerpts.

This Bill’s intent and purpose are to control the content of broadcast media, which is directed at a mass of people. (See above).

The basic broadcast content is controlled, and there is a requirement to counter misinformation (or counter the truth?). In other words, a requirement to tow the government’s talking points such as on lockdowns and the Ukraine Proxy war.

Further Orwellian danger is the fact that the Canadian multi-controlled establishment is incrementally moving towards applying the Broadcast Act and its content control to online undertakings.

Currently, there is an intent by the establishment to apply the Broadcast Act to online undertakings that make revenue from their undertakings, and the online undertakings by the Broadcast media companies.

We anticipate that it may start by targeting online undertakings with high revenue. Rumble would be an obvious target.

The multi-controlled establishment does not like the current freedom to express oneself online, which helps explain rampant online censorship.

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