U.S. Centre for Disease Control (CDC)

CDC (Centre for Disease Control) Guidance for Death Certificates. 

In this example, a 77 year old man has a ten-year history of hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. He was reported to the local emergency with flu-like symptoms… testing of respiratory specimens (RT PCR Test) indicated COVID-19. On the death certificate, COVID-19 was identified as leading to the cause of death (“underlying cause of death”). 

Flaw in the Science: 

COVID-19 has not been isolated in particle form. So the respiratory specimen is only looking at associated genetic material (of unknown source) from a man who was suffering from flu-like symptoms, chronic respiratory disease, and hypertension. COVID-19 as a leading (“underlining”) cause is an assumption. Note, the RT PCR Test “indicated” COVID-19, but in the death certificate “indicated” was not mentioned.

The RT PCR test focuses on the RNA of exosomes (which are reactions to harm to the human cell from a variety sources such as poison, stress, flu, pneumonia, electromagnetic radiation)… the exosome has the same appearance and size as the alleged COVID-19… and this image is what governments and mainstream media has plastered everywhere…

RNA is a “ribonucleic acid, a nucleic acid present in all living cells. Its principal role is to act as a messenger carrying instructions from DNA for controlling the synthesis of proteins”…

There are false scientific claims that a viral genome sequence of the COVID-19 and even the nuclei of COVID-19 has been isolated, when in fact only an associated genome sequence of unknown source from the RNA of lung fluid samples. COVID-19 has never been purified or visualized.

In short, the RT PCR test is unreliable because the alleged COVID-19 particle form has not been isolated. So all the test is showing is the RNA of a reaction to an unknown cause. Dr. Kaufman in this video link below believes that the cause is one of or a combination of poison, stress, flu, pneumonia, and electromagnetic radiation…

It is possible a new, dangerous, unidentified virus is the cause, but the data debunks this: 

The death rates of respiratory disease do not correlate to the alleged dangerous pandemic: every year around 650,000 people worldwide die of respiratory illness, and so far 108,471 have died directly or indirectly of the alleged COVID-19… with the extreme measures of a lockdown and suspension of democratic process, you would think people are dying in mass, in the streets, and yet hospitals are reported empty from around the world… further, there are at least twenty diseases that have the symptoms of the alleged COVID-19: fever, dry cough, shortness of breath… In Italy 99 percent of the alleged COVID-19 deaths had 1 or more preexisting illness; 50 percent of them had three or more preexisting illnesses; 12 percent of the deaths in Italy are directly or indirectly from the alleged COVID-19… from 2013-2017, 1.4 million Italians died of respiratory illness (flu season is a 4 month period; 70,000 deaths per month)… so far 19,468 Italians have died directly or indirectly of the alleged COVID-19 over almost a 2 month period)…

The first indication of a dangerous pandemic would be death count. However, as mentioned the death rates are less than the typical flu. In Canada, every year around 3,500 Canadians die of influenza, and another 12,200 are hospitalized, and so far in Canada 653 Canadians have died of the alleged COVID-19 directly or indirectly and despite questionable cause of death in death certificates.

Coronavirus, COVID-19, Global Lockdown: What Is Really Going On?

Coronavirus, COVID-19, Global Lockdown: What Is Really Going On?Dr. Andrew Kaufman shares his perspective on what is really going on with COVID-19 and the increasingly totalitarian control. This article summaries the flaws in the science with the mainstream narrative of COVID-19:https://www.facebook.com/NationalCitizensAlliance/photos/a.1276035832464483/2882577401810310/Here is a video that covers the basic science of coronavirus: https://www.facebook.com/NationalCitizensAlliance/videos/150219143057636/National Citizens Alliance supports safety and calmness, and for the citizenry in Canada and around the world to question and document what they see on-the-ground. Questioning is your right and responsibility. https://www.nationalcitizensalliance.ca/

Posted by National Citizens Alliance on Sunday, April 12, 2020
Coronavirus, COVID—19, Lockdown: What is Really Going On?:
China: Draconian Technocracy

China: Draconian Surveillance Technocracy Want to know what is in store for Canada and the rest of the West: just look to China says David Icke who exposed UN Agenda 21, which Mulroney and the Conservative Party adopted for Canada. Canadian people are facing the prospect of losing 40 percent of their jobs through AI, and yet the LibCon Establishment continues to flood in growing numbers immigrants and migrants into Canada. In 2019, the LibCon Establishment projected for 1,087,621 migrants through all streams, and in 2015, it was around 730,000.Under Haper, a billion of Canadian tax dollars was poured into the Canadian surveillance system. Whether it is Lib or Con, Canadians are subject to mass dragnet surveillance. In regard to the corona virus, we see establishment governments shutting down countries, when only a minority of the populations are impacted significantly by the virus. National Citizens Alliance stands in full opposition the LibCon Establishment and its globalist agenda. NCA supports moratorium on immigration and migration into Canada, and tough screening so that we don't need mass surveillance by government of the people it is suppose to serve. Mass immigration and mass migration is feeding the need for surveillance, police state in Canada. https://www.nationalcitizensalliance.ca/

Posted by National Citizens Alliance on Friday, March 20, 2020
Look to China to Know What is Planned for the West


COVID-19 A Reaction, Not a Cause

What are COVID-19 Advocates Covering Up? Dr. Andrew Kaufman, among other medical scientists, presents a compeling case that COVID-19 is a reaction in the form of exosomes to something or things threatening human cells. This something or things may be poison, stress, infection (flu, pneumonia), elctromagnetic radition (via 5-G). The human cells release exomones, which act like sponges, to expell threats and act as a human body warning system. The testing for COVID-19 has been detecting these exomones, but establishment political and media puppets conveniently call it COVID-19. No actual COVID-19 virus has been identified. Apparently, 5-G installation is occurring all over the world, and that 60 megahertz from 5-G may cause oxygen deletion, producing similar harm to the lungs as the alleged COVID-19. Wuhan is Chinese epicenter for 5-G installation, and the establishment political and media puppets have reacted strongly to these allegations of linking COVID-19 to 5-G. Further, we know that millions if not billions of people around the world have been under severe stress due to the constant establishment political and media fear-mongering regarding COVID-19 and resulting lockdown. In fact, most of the world has been under house arrest, in what may be viewed as an unprecedented act of global tyranny…Full Presentation by Dr. Kaufman:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9J86uw5irk&fbclid=IwAR09q_-Qe9ZedcHdHY1fipNK3Tth5kJwiB5o5CFYAIxmK7UAqoMUEKKt8O8National Citizens Alliance supports safety and calmness. We believe the excessive fear-mongering is causing illness and death, and is likely one of the things threatening human cells, and thereby causing some of the fraudalent COVID-19 detections. NCA is a true, uncontrolled federal opposition in Canada. As a registered federal party we seek to derain and repace the replace the establishment sell outs in Ottawa, and thereby take our country back. https://www.nationalcitizensalliance.ca/

Posted by National Citizens Alliance on Thursday, April 9, 2020
Summary of the science that questions the mainstream coronavirus narrative

National Citizens Alliance is true uncontrolled federal opposition that in full service of the Canadian people.

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