Canadians are programmed and divided by Lib and Con in a political charade facilitated by fake mainstream media and bogus alternative media that pretends to be in opposition.

This video showcases the extent of the derangement of many Canadians. 

Cognitive Dissonance is the typical reaction of a programmed individual who is unable to change his or her beliefs when presented with new, salient facts. 

This is what liberals were saying about Harper after his speech at the G20 conference in Toronto in 2011:

“Stephen Harper’s own words about the eradication of Canadian sovereignty to make way for global governance. If we do not get him voted out this coming election we will be in far greater trouble than most Canadians can imagine! The proof if it is in Harper’s own words.”

Now so-called conservatives are saying the same thing about Trudeau. And so-called liberals are in denial about the globalist agenda, and those who are not, are lost. 

Such is the derangement of many Canadians, who have been manipulated and programmed over generations despite their best interests. 

National Citizens Alliance stands as true, uncontrolled opposition to ALL the globalist sell outs in Ottawa. The country is in the balance due to the top-down insane hyper-globalization imposed on the Canadian people. Money, greed, power comes before the Canadian people. NCA says enough of these sell outs, all of them. 

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