Cellular tower in Calgary, Alberta, Canada that was upgraded to 5G (Nokia technology) during the coronavirus lockdown in late March, 2020.

As shown in the first image below, 5G at 60 GHz causes severe oxidative stress, which may cause death. In the second image, 5G beam at 60 GHz has a span of around 250 meters and reach of 2.5 km from source. In addition, in the 5G World there will be many beams occurring in close proximity of each other and overlapping.

Further, as consistent with Health Canada and the FCC, the Telecommunication Industry ignores the serious non-thermal health effects from EMF radiation in the range of 200 MHz to 95 GHz as shown in the image below. In the second image, it is shown that a 5G beam at 24 GHz has a span of around 13.5 km and reach of 32 km, and at 2.4 GHz has a span of around 64 km and reach of 32 km.

Through over 10,000 scientific reports, non-thermal EMF radiation has been shown to cause for examples cancer, blood disorder, cell death, excessive calcium signalling, oxidative stress and free radicals, attack nervous system including brain, and attack on DNA of cell.

Now you have a better idea as to why the 5G World will cause vast sickness and death.

Health Canada ignores the non-thermal health effects of EMF radiation, and in doing so it pushed aside 140 scientific reports on the health effects of non-thermal EMF radiation:

So you can see how the Government of Canada via the LibCon Establishment is serving the telecommunication industry, and not the best interests of the Canadian people.

National Citizens Alliance, as a registered federal political party, stands in full opposition to the LibCon Establishment and its criminal negligence in regard to the 5G and its health and privacy impacts. NCA supports an immediate moratorium to address the scientific findings of independent science, and give the Canadian people a final say on 5G and its deployment.

If you care about the health and privacy of the Canadian people, then join, donate to the National Citizens Alliance:

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