Rush for digitalization… in lockstep globally.

We show evidence of the so-called digtal transformation from the USA, China, EU, and New Zealand.

Digitalization refers to the internet online realm that places significant emphasis on data, processing speed, various digital technologies such as 5G, wifi connectivity, advanced sensing and on-device intelligence, artificial intelligence…

The digital economy and even digital world seeks to make almost everything digital in terms of being connected, internet access.

Digital identification is internet based identification such as a user name and password. It is conceivable that digital identity may entail some form of microchip or implant for identification including various digital biometrics like facial and finger print recognition.

Digital currency is digital money, which would be accessed and used through connection to the internet, and stored online. Obviously, there are significant privacy and security concerns, not to mention the ease of governments to freeze and seize one’s funds, and track your every transaction. Cash provides privacy. Though we anticipate by around 2025 it will be replaced exclusively by digital currency. The central banking cartel is already well into creating the digital financial system underlain by digital currencies. The multi-controlled political establishment will simply legislate the new system into law and with help of the media tell the public it is good for them.

China provides a good example of the digital acceleration:

As 2022, China has the following in terms of digital infrastructure:

5.2 million data racks

19 million servers in data centres

Potential move to a “nationally integrated data centre”

1.425 million 5G base stations

3.6 million Chinese use 5G mobile phones

1.6 billion internet/phone users

The globalists seek to make the entire world connected to the internet and thereby digitalized. Cellular satellites in the thousands are making this a reality in the near distant future.

How does digitalization improve productivity of people?

Why is there no dialogue or choice regarding digitalization?

Are you comfortable with everything about you being confined to the digital online realm?

We’re the lockdowns and private cryptos push intended by globalists to ease people into digitalization or were they a coincidence that was exploited by globalists?

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