Artificial Intelligence is one of the cornerstones of the technocratic transformation.

Artificial intelligence relies on computing power and data, and artificial intelligence autonomous machines, vehicles etc., rely on high speed network connection such as through 5G millimeter wave.

Artificial intelligence has the potential to make millions of people through work redundant, obsolete. Almost no job is safe. For example, generative artificial intelligence uses AI algorithms (like ChatGPT) to create new content whether audio, text, images, videos, movies, architectural design, computer codes…

Already in the public domain are AI cashiers, waiters/waitresses, teachers, warehouse workers, cleaners, customer care representatives…

One of the dangers of artificial intelligence is as a means for further indoctrination through embedded biased information and beliefs as illustrated in the WEF image on AI. Notice, the globalist wokeism agenda.

Further, there is a danger of people becoming dependent on AI for information, decision-making, problem-solving, thus diminishing their own reasoning faculties.

Ultimately, artificial intelligence has the potential to replace human intelligence, and thereby facilitate transhumanism/antihumanism.

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