Russian Gold 50000 Rubles "The 175th Anniversary of the Savings Business in Russia" 2016 coin value

Bank of Russia Purchasing Gold as Russia Benefits from High Energy Prices

Revenue from oil and gas estimated to be $321 billion for 2022 according to Blomberg analyst, more than 33% increased revenue compared to 2021. Crude oil prices have surged over 30% so far.

The Bank of Russia has laid out the following terms: “Starting this week, the Russian central bank will pay a fixed price of 5,000 roubles ($52) per gram between March 28 and June 30, the bank said on Friday. This is below the current market value of around $68.”

By linking the Ruble to Gold, Russia is creating the basis to exchange commodities for Gold, and in addition to exchanging Ruble for commodities. It should be noted that the terms are very favourable for countries and organizations to trade gold for Russian commodities as the current world gold price per gram is $62.11.

These moves will improve the Russian balance sheet and strengthen the Ruble, and thereby the purchasing power of the everyday Russian.

In the image above, the Ruble strengthens further to 80. 5, and we expect the Ruble to strengthen even further as Russian commodities are purchased with Rubles.

In image above, central bank gold purchases increase in 2021… and likely into 2022.

The Western sanctions have been absolute disaster for the everyday person due to increasing inflation (7.9% US, 7.3% Germany…) and food shortages throughout the West. It shows the absolute disconnect between the Western establishment cabal and the everyday Westerner.

If Russia shuts off its gas, Europe will enter an economic catastrophe because many businesses will not be able to operate, others will go under due to rising commodity prices… and overall Europe will become less competitive due to higher inflation and costs.

Why cause this economic harm through the sanctions?

The Western establishment cabal wants to crash the global system in order to bring about their financial reset including digital currency.

Alternatively, the Western establishment cabal view Russia’s financial and military actions as a threat to the unipolar biased rules based order, and therefore, they will prevent this from occurring regardless of the consequences, which explains the recklessness of Western establishment politicians, in particular Biden, Johnson, Scholz…)

However, NCA is convinced that there is no turning back from the emerging multipolar world as captured by the new forming trade bloc: BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa).

What can you do?

Protect your barter ability and wealth through hard assets just as many central banks are doing. In Quarter 1 of 2021, central banks purchased 333 tons (63% higher than previous year), IMF over first 6 months of 2021, 287.7 tons… Why do you think some central banks are stockpiling gold? Protection from fiat financial system crash, and now also from assets being frozen like in the case of Russia ($300 billion of its assets frozen by western financial institutions).

If Russia’s asset can be frozen similar to the Canadian truckers, it shows that anyone’s assets can be frozen. There is no financial security for most people. In a severe economic crisis, banks can seize savings over $100,000… meanwhile savings are getting crushed by inflation.

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