5G tower in Calgary East, which is in a public area and in close proximity to two other cellular towers.

This MP (Michelle Rempel Garner) ignores the fact that Health Canada under the Harper Regime ignored 140 peer-reviewed scientific reports on the adverse health effects from EMF radiation, and the fact that Safety Code 6 (1978), regulations for EMF radiation, has been set up to protect the telecommunication industry from liability. Thermal EMF radiation levels are set so high, they will never be reached, and non-thermal EMF radiation levels are completely ignored.

Below is an inquiry from a citizen, and the response the MP Rempel Garner with NCA observations:

Letter to the Current Calgary Nose Hill MP on the deployment of 5G and the 5G Appeal.
Email Response from the Current Calgary Nose Hill MP in regard to the deployment of 5G and 5G Appeal.

It is a fact that since 2014, the Government of Canada via the LibCon Establishment has been in full collaboration with the telecommunication Industry on 5G deployment, and despite the potentially serious health and privacy concerns:


Compilation of the Independent Science on Exposure to EMF Radiation and 5G:


This Conservative MP is an example of the globalist sell outs in Ottawa who need to be drained and replaced. They are political puppets of the LibCon cabal that serves globalist interests.

National Citizens Alliance was set up to root out these sellouts. The situation could not be more serious with the top-down deployment of 5G, extreme coronavirus fearmongering and lockdown, mandatory vaccinations in the near future, and the radical transformation of Canada into a technocratic state via 5G and AI.

Join, Donate to the resistance at National Citizens Alliance. We are a federal political vehicle of the Canadian people:


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